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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Hello all!

First off asking this not because I'm lazy (hehe)
I'm currently working on some dkok and want to do some really nice mud bases on them. However I want the army to be the same so I am planning on doing them all at once rather than potentially have different muds due to different batches.

So to my question and looking for viewpoints.
In this video from frontlinegaming: https://youtu.be/K7IzTlA5rC0
And towards the end. Reece and crew mention how basing can be colored bases and even nicely done black bases.

So if I paint my bases completely brown in preparation for the future mud, would this be considered fulfilling the ITC basing or so I need to sand/flock them and then remove it in the future??

I am asking since I know tournament players shouldn't really care, but if you are winning people may say. 'Oh well he isn't based so shouldn't get the prizes
Planning on local tournaments as well not GTs with colored basing.

Thanks all and I've sent a message into the TO as well to clarify if this works but want to see others opinions
Made in us
Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine

According to what Reece has said on Signals; Painted brown qualifies. As long as it looks intentionally painted that way, you should be okay.

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