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Made in es
Fresh-Faced New User

Hello comrades. I want to create an elite force to rush the enemy with high-ish mobility and firepower while the rest of the army supports from a distance. My main idea is:

-Armoured veteran infantry (a roll of 6 needed to kill) with SMG´s
-Reliable, as tough as possible transport with some firepower
-Armored car with light AT and LMG to support the offensive

Now, I can´t decide which one of these options is best to achieve what I want:

-Infantry will be tank riders on top of a medium or heavy tank (426 pts with T34)
-Infantry will be assault engineers mounted on M5 half-track (345 pts)

The first option gives me a very powerful transport with good firepower and more difficult to destroy, but riders would have to dismount if the tank is fired upon, which i think could be pretty bad for me.
Second option gives me a reliable transport which won´t make the infantry disembark if targeted by enemy fire, but with less firepower and easier to destroy. Also assault engineers can equip two panzerfausts.

What do you think? Any suggestion is welcome.

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Made in us
Wicked Warp Spider

Which game?
Made in es
Fresh-Faced New User

Oh cr*p. I forgot the most important thing. This is Bolt Action.
Made in us
Master Sergeant


Any update on this? Tank riders seem risky to me and less effective of an actual delivery system, but the convenience factor is certainly nice.

My go-to delivery system for an important squad is generally an armored carrier. Once it drops its troops I generally have it bus around smaller squads if they need it or function as a mobile fire base.
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