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Fresh-Faced New User

London, England.

Order army list, mainly Wanderers with some other Aelves and Stormcast:

Allegiance: Order


Twilight Sisters on Forest Dragon (420)
Spellweaver (80)


10 x Eternal Guard (80)
10 x Sisters of the Watch (220)
20 x Glade Guard (240)
5 x Sisters of the Thorn (220)
5 x Liberators (100)
10 x Liberators (200)
5 x Drakespawn Knights (160)
1 x Salamanders (40)
1 x Warhawk Riders (40)


War Hydra (200)

Am new to AoS so feedback is very welcome, I am wondering whether to swap out the warhawk for another salamander and possibly replace one of the unit of liberators with prosecutors. My idea is to have a front line of behemoths/melee units meaty enough to stand up to the opposing force whist my archers pick them off and the cavalry take objectives and hit lone heroes. I'm thinking that with some shielding infantry and a salamander nearby the twilight dragon could be pretty devastating. However to be honest I've made these choices based largely on how cool the models are

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Fresh-Faced New User

London, England.

Second draft, opinions very welcome:

Allegiance: Order

Sisters of twilight on forest dragon (420)
Spellweaver (80)

5 Liberators (100)
10 Eternal Guard (80)
10 Executioners (180)

10 Skinks (60)
20 Glade Guard (240)
10 Sisters of the Watch (220)

5 Sisters of the Thorn (220)
5 Drakespawn Knights (160)

1 War hydra (200)
1 Salamander (40)
Made in us
Rotting Sorcerer of Nurgle

You seem to be mixing in a bunch of different units without a definite concept behind the army design. It's hard for anyone to offer advice in that respect. I would advise going for smaller games so you can practice with a smaller number of different units and get a hang of what the army needs, and more importantly the kind of army you want to play.

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