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Hey guys, I've been playing FoW for a while now and I love it, but I'm also interested in betting into Bolt Action as a lot of the guys in my FoW group also play it. Now, as I understand it, any army can play against any other army, correct? I have also read that you can combine units from the same nationality even if it creates an ahistorical list, so I should assume that this is correct?

I'm interested in collecting a USMC and picking up the Semper Fidelis starter set and maybe adding a tank to go along with it.

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It all depends on how historically accurate your group wants to take it. I personally like to mix some veteran units in my armies for style and to paint new models. Surely, I figure, the 82nd airborne supported other army groups on the ground during the conflict. I have a friend who only plays SS and will refuse to play a unit not as veteran, prefers not to use artillery because they would be further back, doesn't use trucks because they'd never see actual combat, etc.

The rules are very flexible and, outside of the force selector limiting how many of a unit you can take, do not limit which units from a divisional standpoint.

And yes, any army can fight any other army. Although many people prefer to keep it historical, and may have multiple armies to keep it that way. Personally, I think the mish-mash of various armies that never actually fought each other is part of the fun.

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Welcome to Bolt Action.
Like with any gaming, you may meet "rivet counters" to historical buffs depending on their need for accuracy and then general gamers.
Rules-wise, yes, play any army against any other.
Many people like to play a "what if" scenario or use the game as a bit of a historical simulator so it is always a good idea to see what are your various opponent's preference.

I have been tempted to paint my Germans in purple uniforms led by a leader named Zoltar just to see who loses their minds.

The game plays very well, tons of fun.

The starter boxes are always good.
The typical M4A2 Sherman was used (Looking at 7th Marines Sep-Oct-1944) as best I can tell historically.
Seeing a fair bit of "Engineer" Battalions/Company used with them, artillery and Amphibian tractor/transport... it appears tanks were not all that common or at least once a beachhead was well established.
This "Order of Battle" is neat for listing the groups for each battle.
They would use a "duplex drive" or a "fording kit" to get to shore:

There is all kinds of room to go as deep or as little you want.
Anyone who plays will appreciate something you have done to play the game.

Good luck!

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Tanks were increasingly important for the USMC as the war progressed. This is partly because USMC operations increasingly took place on islands, rather than in the jungle, and tanks were very effective.

If you want a tank to go with your USMC force, then you have a few choices. I'll stick to plastic kits.

The USMC used the M3 Light Tank from 1942 onwards, with both the "high top" and "flat top" turrets, as well as the later M3A1. Warlord/Italeri do a kit of the M3 with both turret types (it says it also includes the M3A1 version, but it doesn't - the M3A1 had a rounded rear hull). From about 1943, the M5A1 Light Tank began to replace the M3 series. Rubicon do a very nice kit of the M5A1 (which is easier to assemble than the Warlord/Italeri M3).

In terms of medium tanks, the USMC principally used the diesel-engined M4A2, referred to as "GMs" (because of their engines). Rubicon have just released an excellent kit of the mid-production version, which had a 75mm gun and so called "small hatch" hull. By 1944, the M4A2 with the improved "large hatch" hull and "high bustle" turret was entering service. Rubicon also do an M4A2 kit with parts to build both the early and late versions. The USMC began to use the petrol-engined M4A3 from 1945, because they couldn't get any more M4A2s - these were the later "large hatch" type with improved all-round vision cupolas and a loader's hatch. They called them "Fords". Rubicon do a late M4A3, but it doesn't include a 75mm turret.

As the war progressed, USMC tanks were equipped with additional armour improvised from anything available - wooden planks, logs, spare tracks, mesh and airfield matting. This was mostly to protect against Japanese suicide attacks. By the time of the final campaigns, USMC tanks also sported quite striking camouflage patterns. "DD" tanks weren't used in the Pacific - the tanks which went ashore in the initial waves were equipped with wading trunks like the one shown in the previous post.

Rubicon are also going to release a range of amtracks and amtanks, which will be great for Pacific War games.

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You can even play against the same nation, it's a saboteur party disguised.
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