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One Canoptek Scarab in a Swarm

Can any of our British members explain why there are 2 ITC MAJOR tournaments on the same weekend within a few miles of each other in Manchester/Liverpool? Seems a waste....
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Regular Dakkanaut

Which are you referring to?

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One Canoptek Scarab in a Swarm

MAJOR: The Last Chance Open: Warhammer 40k Tournament, WarGames, Southport, United Kingdom, January 20-21st, 2018
MAJOR: Caledonian Uprising 2018, Element Games North West Gaming Centre, Stockport, United Kingdom, January 19-21st, 2018
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Regular Dakkanaut

Poor planning from the TO's I guess! I didn't even know they were ITC events.

Winner of LVO 2016 - Bringing the Gold back to the UK! 
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Longtime Dakkanaut

So, usually the LCO is the last UK event before the LVO (essentially the last chance for you to get ITC points before the LVO).

However, this year, FLG brought the LVO forward to avoid clashing with the Superbowl again (or something). As a result, the only weekend that then became available for the LCO unfortunately happened to be the same date as the Cale event.

Wargames did toy with the idea of bringing the LCO forward, but that all but meant the event would have had to be held before Christmas, and then, the whole idea of it being "The Last Chance" became somewhat contradictory.

Regardless of the fact, tickets to the LCO sold out within hours (like 95% of the tickets sold in 15 minutes) so there was the demand there to thankfully hold both events.

This will prob change next year depending on the LVO dates.

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