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A thought on adjusting psychic spam:

1. Remove the army wide limitations on duplicate powers per turn, and per model
2. discount psykers keep to only 1d6 all the time
3. mid-tier psykers may use 1,2 or 3 dice as they see fit
4. high tier psykers (Maggie for example) get up to 5
5. Every time a psychic power is successfully manifested, the roll required to manifest that power becomes the successful roll for the remainder of the turn.
6. If a model tries to manifest the same power more than once, the result roll is increased by 1

The result of that is you can have screaming hell murder psychic powers... and then the warp comes for you.

Not a general purpose thing, but might be valid in matched play apocalypse scale

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Now it's bugging you too. 
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Raging Ravener

That seems like a bit much. With a number of armies unable to participate the psychic phase shouldn’t be as crazy as it was in previous editions. I do think it should be opened up a bit though.

Here’s what I would do:
Change Perils to be “any roll of 2 or less or 12+ results in a perils” give the 1d6 casters an exemption.

Each power can be cast more than once, but cannot be attempted twice by the same psyker or used again if a power has failed.

Each success imposes a -1 penalty on the roll to cast that spell for the remainder of that turn.

Add a Strategem that allows a player to roll an additional D6 on the roll to cast or deny.
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Fresh-Faced New User

Personally, I wouldn't mind a psychic system similar to old-school fantasy, with power dice and dispel dice.

In general I think a system where you can choose how many dice to roll from within a range, but where any double is a perils, would be cool.
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