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I know this board is mostly 40k, but hopefully this post is of use to someone fancying trying their hand at modern/ cold war/ ww2 and wants to pick up some quite nice tanks dirt cheap: https://skinflintgames.wordpress.com/2017/11/24/product-review-4d-models/

Skinflint Games- war gaming in the age of austerity

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Where did you find those models for sale?

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Those tanks look pretty awesome, I'll have to look that range up and see what else they do.

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Nice review. Thanks for the heads up.

I've seen those on AliExpress, but never ordered them since I don't game 1/72.

However, since I recently started working on an HO layout I might pick a couple up as interesting cargo for a flat bed. Sure HO is 1/87, but it's well within the range of fudge-able scale especially since from what I've seen these kits are "box scale" and the larger modern tanks might actually be closer to HO scale.

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@BobTheInquisitor - ebay, there's a few there.

@NickEllingsworth, there's another box pack that has an M113 and a Bradley.. and confsingly, a bunch of WW2 Grman tanks ..

@Eilif - well worth a punt, even for scenery and kitbash bits.

Glad it's been useful guys :-)

Skinflint Games- war gaming in the age of austerity

Made in us
Powerful Pegasus Knight

These are great, looking into it now

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