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Basically what the subject line says-I'm looking for suggestions for online bitz sellers. I'm located in Norway, but my guess is I'll need to buy from elsewhere in Europe.

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We'll find out soon enough eh.

https://www.bitsandkits.co.uk/ - reliable if sometimes a bit slow, wide selection but often goes out of stock of big chunks of it.

http://www.bitzbox.co.uk/ - smaller selection, only ordered from them once but it arrived fairly quickly.

https://www.bitsbay.it/en/ - really big selection, but slooooooow, maybe to do with their local postal service? Still it arrives eventually, useful for when the other sites don't have something but you don't need it quickly.

http://www.bitzarium.com/en - just ordered from them for the first time, got a dispatch notice within 24 hours.

http://www.forbiddengaming.co.uk/ - reasonable selection, ordered a couple of times from them and it was decent, not super quick to ship & arrive but not properly slow either.

Beyond those, ebay's your best bet really. There might be more local sellers for you but I didn't notice one when I went looking for the above a while ago.

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https://megabitzshop.com - tend to be sometimes a bit slow on shipping, but in the past I ordered a couple of times from them and never had a problem.

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Bitsbay is a good one, very slow on restocks but not on shipping. I live in Italy though, where the shop is placed.

Bitzarium IMHO the best one, frequent restocks, huge catalogue, reasonable prices and fast shipping.

Megabitzshop is another reliable source of bitz but it doesn't restock since over an year. They still work and shipping is fast but it's basically dead for me.

The UK sites are a bit too expensive.

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