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Fresh-Faced New User

I am making a Snakebites Ork army in WH40k with a muddy, jungle base theme. I want to use some feral uruks from Age of Sigmar, slap some shootas or slugga on them, and run them as boyz. If I do this, can I use these models in tournaments?
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As long as they have the right weapons I'm sure there will be no problems.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Given the models from warhammer and 40k appear to be interchangeable with orcs/orks being the same size I find it hard to imagine the problems.

I find it hard to imagine many non-irk players will even notice
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Nurgle Predator Driver with an Infestation

Queen Creek, AZ

No issue, there was an issue with how much a model was GW or FW, like 50% but it changed to 10% if I'm not mistaken so only 10% of the model needs to be GW/FW so you are still in the clear using GW products
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Focused Dark Angels Land Raider Pilot

Almost certain to be fine, but as is always the case, the TO makes the final call. Still, I'd be amazed if they objected.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

"...can I use these models in tournaments? "

This should really be stickied in an FAQ or something.

"... in tournaments" is a meaningless phrase, since every tournament sets its own rules. I'm sure plenty will use a common set of rules taken from the larger events, but just because Steve in Erehwon lets you use such-and0such a conversion, there's no precedent that will apply to John's event in Llamedos. GW don't allow third-party components in their events because those are as much promotion for the GW "hobby" as they are for the players. That rationale need not apply to events held elsewhere.
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Ichor-Dripping Talos Monstrosity


Well, you're talking about using other official GW models that also have the same size of the regular boyz. They will be allowed everytime everywhere without problems.

As long as the models are 100% GW, same size than the original and same loadout there will never be problems about those conversions.

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Regular Dakkanaut

While I understand Andrew's point, for those of us new to the game, having never participated in tournaments, it can be nice to get a feel for what is 'generally' allowed and what is not.

Especially when we want to do silly things like take Makari and make him into a Nob or Warboss, or do Grot Kommandos...

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Tail-spinning Tomb Blade Pilot


I'm doing the same thing with my Inquisition army where EVERYTHING is converted (although all infantry models are 100% GW other than my ALF Jakero) My vehicles are all 3rd party covered in GW bits. I'm bringing it to Adepticon. From my experience as long as the conversion looks good and is done well, nobody will say anything

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Brainy Zoanthrope

West Bend WI.

Not to be rude, but there is some bad advice in this thread. There are no universal rules, what is allowed is up to the individual organizer, period. There is no required percentage a model has to be GW. That comes from when they ran tournaments they no longer do. @Supreme Overlord Adepticon has a very specific approval process for conversions and you need to get written permission to use them. Lines 2 and 3 from their model policy,

2. Units must always be represented by appropriate models. This is the single, most important rule. The 'What You See Is What You Get' (WYSIWYG) rule is in effect for all tournaments. That means all units MUST be easily identifiable as the particular choice they represent and that any and all weapons/options taken for a unit MUST be clearly represented on the model(s). Models not appropriately represented will be removed from the game.
3. Unless otherwise specified in the event rules, or by receiving express written tournament organizer approval, your army should be primarily constructed of models from the given game system and the appropriate model range(s). Supplementing your army with models from outside the game system is acceptable but should NOT be the norm.

You might want to think twice about just showing up with a heavily converted army. Bottom line it is up to the individual organizer and you need to ask them not us.

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on the way. 
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Legendary Master of the Chapter

The only universal rule is Ask your own group/TO/FLG/Mother/rabbi. nothing we say would help you in your own personal case

imho id play it.

it sounds super cool to kit bash all sorts of ork kits.

 Unit1126PLL wrote:
 Scott-S6 wrote:
And yet another thread is hijacked for Unit to ask for the same advice, receive the same answers and make the same excuses.

Oh my god I'm becoming martel.
Send help!

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Regular Dakkanaut

In my experience most TO's are pretty sensible. So long as you're not trying to gain an advantage or taking the mick they are fine with rule of cool.
I would however always drop the TO or rules judges a message with some pictures and find out for sure

I say this as a TO myself. I'd much rather people contacted me and asked the question than have confusion or people disappointed as I pull their models for not complying with the rules.

A good TO will provide you with details in the rules pack of whats acceptable and some form of contact details for you to make sure your models are suitable.

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Most Glorious Grey Seer

Can't see you gaining any unintended advantage, so should be fine.

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