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Made in dk
Fresh-Faced New User

Hey guys!

I'm pretty sure, that if I pick Order as my alliegance, I can mix all the different battlelines, right?

5 Reavers (Swifthawk Agents battleline)
5 Reavers
20 Phoenix Guard (Phoenix Temple battleline)
20 Phoenix Guard

And I'd have 4 battleline in matched play.
I just can't find the actual rules to support it.


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Made in de
Terrifying Rhinox Rider

No, you can't.

If you take allegiance "Grand Alliance: Order" all your Battleline units must have the Battleline role without further requirements, e.g. Swifthawk Agents Battleline (which are only Battleline if you pick the Swifthawk Agents allegiance).

It's actually worded differently than you present it here.
Example "Bestigors": Battlefield role: none; Notes: Battleline if army has BRAYHERD allegiance

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Made in dk
Fresh-Faced New User


It might be Scrollbuilder, to be honest. I know about "battleline if" .. Scrollbuilder just does not differentiate .. So in Order alliance you are stuck with what .. Liberators, Reavers, and Dryads?
Made in de
Terrifying Rhinox Rider

No, there are a lot more.
Bleakswords, Darkshards, Dreadspears, Dispossessed Warriors, Longbeards, Freeguild Archers, Freeguild Crossbowmen, etc.

Made in be
Regular Dakkanaut

Look in the GHB 2017 for what is battle line. as reavers are order battleline.

There are a lot of mistakes and bugs on scroll builder and the functionality of builders are not a rules source.

But what Hanskrampf says is about the rules is correct.
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