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Made in ca
Tough Traitorous Guardsman

I'm wondering if the poxwalker unit and Death Guard stratagems can make an unbeatable list with endless bodies.
The goal is that the model count on the table never decrease under it's starting number.

The minimal ingredients are the following :
a. one unit of poxwalker that must survive first turn if going second -- maybe with Dreadclaw Drop Pod at 130pts.
b. many cheap fearless models (at least 120)
options are
b1. infiltrating alpha legion cultists with Abaddon (240 pts, fearless bubble) (and with Nurglings to push enemy infiltration and reserves)
b2. iron warrior cultists (auto-pass morale warlord trait) --maybe with iron warrior DP and the 2+ save relic
b3. renegade units (slaanesh mutants or flamer spam [1 per 5 models]) with pseudo-commissar
c. enough hard hitting units to compensate the fact that the rest of the army won't do a lot of damage -- maybe 1-2 Fire Raptor(s), Black legion if playing Abaddon, or Death Guard to use the guaranteed explosion stratagem (d6 wounds at 6''!).
d. enough command points to use Cloud of flies and Poxwalker stratagem during four turns -- let's say 12 command points with 3 troop detachments (=9 troop choices, 6 HQ).

I inclined toward option b1 for board control turn 2 but Abaddon is expensive, though he's not bad.
Is Typhus a must?
What do you think, can I make a very competitive list with this?

7th edition renegade nostalgia [sigh]

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Made in us
Secret Inquisitorial Eldar Xenexecutor

I've faced the massive poxwalker/cultist chains before. You can't really overload the incursion, so you have three options:

1) Focus on the poxwalkers (if you can, there's a stratagem that gives them the character targeting rule)

2) Bait them into a flank and run for it. Poxwalkers are slow, so running away slows their recursion and forces them to redraw those stupid chains.

3) Bring units with Fly and laugh at their misfortune. It's a hard counter if the list can't bog anything down in CC.

If you are runing the list:

1) Bring Mort. He draws a lot of attention away from the poxwalkers, giving you time to get things going

2) Use the character targeting strategem. If they can't shoot your poxwalkers behind the cultists, than all they can do is keep fueling the poxwalkers by shooting the cultists

3) Advance recklessly. You likely only have enough CP to keep the engine going for a few turns before leadership failures and dead poxwalkers start to pile up. It's better to trade a few shots to be face to face as soon as possible

4) Use Artillery. You don't want to duel anything you are also planning on tying up on close combat, but artillery can remove those pesky backfield unit, while encouragning the opponent to close with you

Bender wrote:* Realise that despite the way people talk, this is not a professional sport played by demi gods, but rather a game of toy soldiers played by tired, inebriated human beings.

 lolman1c wrote:
The ork train has no breaks mothersquiggor!
Made in ca
Tough Traitorous Guardsman

Thanks, good advices!
Made in us
Contagious Dreadnought of Nurgle

I havent played a Pox list without Typhus. He helps get the ball rolling with his natural +1 Str, T, that only gets better with Vitality.

I would say a Tallyman should be auto include, just for the rerolls, and the heavy CP investment.

Ive been lucky thus far and my Pox Walkers survive Turn 1, but Ive been preparing for my opponents to wise up so now I try to bring 2 units, plus lots of fire magnets. Bloat Drones, Vehicles, Princes, even a Helbrute.
Made in nl
Been Around the Block

It works against me. I'd hate to spend my time playing this so I'd concede right away.
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