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Made in ca
Implacable Skitarii

Had an idea for a very fluffy stratagem that could be used by daemons of khorne and would like peoples thoughts.

Daemons of Chaos Stratagem
Nothing pleases the Blood God more then an honorable duel between the strong. To the victor Khornes blessings shall be granted, to cowards his wrath shall be unforgiving.

Use this Stratagem when a Khorne Character is within 1" of a single model Character, Monster, or Vehicle, if within multiple such units your opponent chooses one to take part in the duel. When this Stratagem is used each player chooses Weapon Skill, Strength or Attacks. For the duration of the duel that characteristic of the model in the duel is increased by 1. After one of the models has slain the other that model's Weapon Skill, Strength and attacks permanently increases by one. However should one side do anything to interfere with the duel, including attacking in any way one of the participants or using any Psychic powers on either model or if their model falls back for any reason then the model on that players side permanently loses one point in Weapon Skill, Strength and Attacks and takes D3 Mortal Wounds.
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Oozing Plague Marine Terminator

In My Lab

Not a fan. The idea is neat, but why should the OTHER side be honor bound?

Clocks for the clockmaker! Cogs for the cog throne! 
Made in gb
Bounding Dark Angels Assault Marine

 JNAProductions wrote:
Not a fan. The idea is neat, but why should the OTHER side be honor bound?

Yeah, I'd probably ditch that entire last part, I'm also concerned about it being any Character, Monster or Vehicle, as 8th has a lot of weaker "add-on" characters like standard bearers, medics and such, which could be very easy for a Khorne Daemon to kill, plus some Monsters and Vehicles aren't actually all that tough, depending on the Khorne character and their equipment.

Personally I would limit the bonus to only the daemon itself, who can only attack the selected target if they want to keep the bonus (permanent once target is slain). As for targets, I'd maybe limit that to HQ choices, or maybe factor in power rating to exclude chaff Characters. You could maybe let a Lord of Skulls do this against other super heavies, but I dunno how best to word that concisely.

Made in nz
Regular Dakkanaut

I run khorne and i find this stratagem quite confusing and a little comedic.

You would never see other armies follow this so called 'honourbound' stratagem, cause it's laughably easy to circumvent

( a shooting squad aint gonna be stuck in melee when they'll just fall back and take a hit on their WS)

If this applied to the khorne daemon then i would say that this would be a nice buff, if only the CP was upped to 2.

Unfortunately, that unit had just lit themselves up to be a priority target. Not exactly great unless their a unit with less than 10 wounds (DP's and Heralds would love this stratagem, while on a BT it would be redundant because of the ability to target them without any problems)
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