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we have almost come up with the crux of the basic rules at the moment, but we on the facebook group want to hear from you, what would you want to see in combat patrol

here are a list of the orriginal rules from Combat patrol note these may not be the rules we will use.

Patrols are no more than
400 points.
• You must have one Troop choice.
• You may have one HQ choice,
but no more than one.
• You may spend remaining points on
anything in the Codex.
• No character can have more than
2 Wounds.
• No special characters.
• No 2+ saves.
• No vehicles with a total Armour value
greater than 33.
• You must have a completed,
detailed roster and access to the
relevant Codex.
• Painted models only.

I repeat: these are the old rules and not the ones we are necesarily advocating as we will change them, what would you like to see different?
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Storm Trooper with Maglight

Possibly character wounds upped to three?

Seems the minimum HP for characters, at least among the Guard.

You say Fiery Crash! I say Dynamic Entry!

*Increases Game Point Limit by 100*: Tau get two Crisis Suits and a Firewarrior. Imperial Guard get two infantry companies, artillery support, and APCs. 
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Contagious Dreadnought of Nurgle

In My Lab

 Cothonian wrote:
Possibly character wounds upped to three?

Seems the minimum HP for characters, at least among the Guard.

Librarians are 4, so...

Clocks for the clockmaker! Cogs for the cog throne! 
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New Zealand

Space Marines do not have characters with less than 4 wounds now, and 4 wounds allows almost all IG characters (Well all of them if you ignore those in tanks and Straken). It seems it needs to be 3 for Guard and 4 for Space Marines.

For the old total Armour Value of 33 or less, it would seem it would correspond to T7 or less.

Also Flyers and LoW may be too much.

What might be easier is choosing what units would be best suited, going through each codex, and putting them on a list.

Codex Adeptus Astartes
* HQ
- Librarian
- Primaris Librarian
- Chaplain
- Primaris Chaplain
- Techmarine
- Lieutenant
- Primaris Lieutenant
* Troops
- Tactical Squad
- Intercessor Squad
- Scout Squad
- Crusader Squad
- Apothecary
- Primaris Apothecary
- Servitors
- Reiver Squad
- Vanguard Veteran
- Sternguard
- Dreadnought
- Venerable Dreadnought
- Contemptor
* Fast Attack
- Bike Squad
- Assault Squad
- Land Speeder
- Attack Bike Squad
- Scout Bike Squad
- Inceptor Squad
* Heavy Support
- Devastator Squad
- Hellblaster Squad
- Predator
* Transport
- Rhino
- Razorback
- Land Speeder Storm

Bigger list than I thought. But your ideas may differ.

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Posts with Authority

Saff-end, mate.

Done my own Combat Patrol update for 8th, link here.

Basically, given that 2+ can be obtained by any unit with a 3+ save in 8th, limiting 2+ saves is a mistake.

Given how Characters have much more Wounds now, I put a limit of 6, meaning players can still take their Captains and Warbosses, but also put in a level of Wounds to allow for armoured vehicles and monsters. If a unit has the Monster or Vehicle keyword, they can have up to 10 Wounds. So Leman Russes can't be taken, but Chimeras can.

Limit the army to a Patrol Detachment, so the forced Troops choice is still there, and if people want to take multiple HQ, they can. I don't think limiting HQ is a good idea.

Painted models and completed roster don't need to be rules. A completed roster is expected anyway, and "painted" is a nebulous term. A painted model can be a model that's undercoated. A painted model can be one with a single streak of paint on it's. In a tournament, I understand that, but for a friendly quick game that's Combat Patrol, "painted only" is an unnecessary restriction.

Again, more details in my own post on the matter.

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Rippy wrote:Never forgetti, template spaghetti.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

* 400 points feels about right.

* Mandatory troops choice is fine. It restricts army theme slightly (you can't have a mono deathwing force, for instace), but this forces you explore options you might not in a normal game of 40k.
* Multiple HQs is probably fine, though smite is arguably more potent in combat patrol than in normal 40k.
*2 wound limit seems silly. I'm fine with my opponent fielding a chaplain or whatever. We have multi-damage weapons these days.
* No special characters also seems silly. Obviously there are special characters that would break combat patrol, but they should be banned by restrictions that relate to their capabilities, not to some blanket bias against characters with established names and backgrounds. Is Fuegan the Phoenix Lord really going to break Combat patrol?
* No 2+ saves seems silly. A marine in cover has a 2+ save. I believe this edition's armor reduction system has rendered this restriction obsolete.
* In my own version of Combat Patrol, I've implemented a restriction that nothing can be Toughness 6 or higher. While this does restrict some mostly-reasonable choices (like rhinos), it also prevents some problematic options from being taken. To elaborate, one thing I like about Combat Patrol is that it lets you zoom in on a small number of physical bodies without having to think about "big stuff" like primarchs and knights. If I know that my opponent can field a razorback (or whatever), and I know that my small arms fire won't be able to efficiently remove said razorback, then I'm basically forced to either disregard half my options in favor of anti-tank options, or else I have to accept that I will be hard countered every time I run into a razorback (or necron vehicle or whatever).

* Roster/codex/painting. Meh. I mean, this sounds more like a personal preference for a given player or a guideline for an organized event than a set of guidelines for a potentially casual game between friends. In the same way that people should be free to play regular 40k with unpainted models and hastily written lists, people should be able to play Combat Patrol with unpainted models and hastily written lists. If your local club, league, or tournament organizer wants to put additional restrictions in place, fine, but it doesn't need to be baked in to the Combat Patrol format.

Some additional things to consider:
*Stratagems that are fine in normal 40k are potentially broken in Combat Patrol. Consider infiltrating Alpha Legion berzerkers, for instance. Consider disallowing faction-specific stratagems and possibly creating some Combat Patrol specific ones.
*Psychic powers that are fine in normal 40k are potentially broken in combat patrol. Consider Quickened Shining Spears, for instance. Or imagine how much more effective Executioner or Smite are when each model removed represents a significantly larger portion of the enemy force than usual.
*Relics are probably fine, but you may want to comb through them to make sure there aren't any abusable ones.
*Chapter tactics/craftworld attributes/etc. are actually probably mostly fine. Even things like "-1 to to-hit rolls made against targets more than 12" away" is less effective on a 4"x4" play area. However, it might not hurt to consider reviewing and revising any problematic ones.
*Warlord traits can potentially get out of hand. Personally, I like the idea of simply not having warlords in such small games. If you want a mission where killing the "leader" is important, just have each player designate a single model as their "leader" before deployment or whatever.
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Furious Fire Dragon

This is how AdeptiCon is doing it this year:

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