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Holy Terra.

Hey guys!

I'm interested in getting into bolt action. I have played a few games using some of my old 1:72 models, and I quite enjoy the rules and mechanics.

So now I want to actually get a bolt action army. Specifically, I want to get a soviet army. For the motherland and all that. I do have a few questions, however.
I like Warlord Games' sculpts for the infantry and artillery, but, since I plan on going soviet, I want to have a bunch of t/34 tanks, and the Warlord ones are too expensive for me to get more than two or so. I have found several other companies that sell t/34s, but I'm not sure about the scale. Some people say that 28mm fits with 1:35 mm, while others say 1:50 or 1:64 is better. So which one is better?

Also, I need to know what units I should get, and what ones are just a waste of money. My plan is to have a small, elite, mechanised infantry division supported by tanks. Are flamethrowers good?

If anyone has anything else I should know, please comment. Thanks in advance,


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 EmberlordofFire8 wrote:
Some people say that 28mm fits with 1:35 mm, while others say 1:50 or 1:64 is better. So which one is better?
28mm is 1/56 scale.

1/35 scale is way too big. Some people like to use 1/48 scale vehicles, but I think they're also a little too large. As far as how many you need, unless you're playing the Tank War supplement, you're generally limited to one or two tanks/SPGs.

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Pretty much what he said. Bolt Action is very infantry focussed, so games with more than one or two tanks are going to be rare. There *is* an expansion called Tank War, which allows for armoured platoons, but the game isnt really designed for it.

So to get started, Id say your best bet would just be a box of infantry, really. Maybe get a tank, some heavy weapons/artillery, possibly some transports, and thats pretty much all you need for a small force. Hell, you can get a decentish 500p army from just the squad box. SMGs are generally fun, and tank riders or engineers in armour, while definitely way too expensive, are a fun unit to use, imo. (at least until your opponent brings the heavy guns... <.< )
For a decent army, SMG squads are probably your best bet though. Especially if youre planning to have them in transports. Flame throwers are pretty decent, supposedly, though I havent played with them yet (only recently converted some models for them).

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I play Bolt Action in 1:72 myself. The models are very cheap (50 in a box for £10) and they're high quality. Tanks and vehicles are cheap as well.

Tons of companies like Italeri, Revell, Caesar, Zvezda etc etc do 1:72 for all sorts of WW2 stuff, and other historical eras.

I base my minis on 2p coins and you're good to go.

The Warlord 1:56/28mms are high quality and well priced, and Perry do British 8th Amy and Afrika Korps, which are also very good value for money.

But 1:72 is cheaper, and is also a good option.

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