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Hi all i'm 25 from Liverpool England and i have in the past bought the dark vengeance set but was unable to get it done due to personal problems, now that im getting back into it i have found that i want to start the chaos space marine squad. i was just wondering i haven't yet bought the 8th edition rule book or codexs as of yet but i have read the basic rules that came with the set and i just want to know if there is any new rules i need to know about.

another thing i want to know is the chaos marines in the dark vengeance set can i build a bigger squad around the models i already have??
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Hi, and welcome to Dakka!

Apart from the rulebook (there's a free version, but it doesn't contain the matched play rules, which I recommend) and the codex, you may need the Index Chaos if you want to play any non-current models. There's also Chapter Approved 2017, which includes a few points updates as well as some other changes, but these changes can be quite easily found online and I wouldn't recommend getting it early on unless you really want to attend tournaments.

I do recommend reading the relevant errata though. They can be found here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/faqs/. If you have any further rules questions, check out You Make Da Call here on Dakka, where rules questions are answered.

You can most definitely expand what you have into a larger army if you wish. Chaos Space Marines have a huge line of models, I recommend checking out the Tactics subforum here on Dakka for tips on what to get, and how to build a list of your models. There are also other Chaos models you can play, though they may require to buy further codices.

Good luck!

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Welcome to the hobby and welcome to DAKKA!
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Welcome to Dakka

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