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Made in se
Veteran Wolf Guard Squad Leader

Im trying to get some nice scenery for a sylvaneth themed table that has more interesting stuff than just citadel woods.
I tried to make up the old witchfate tor as a ruined tower beeing reclaimed by nature.
Dubious looking Ametyst mage included just for flavour
Also some pics of the Temple of skulls covered in grass and pretty flowers (though its not the best pics to make out the flowers.)

Made in gb
Journeyman Inquisitor with Visions of the Warp

that is lovely , really captures , how i see fantasy ..a classic wizards tower. ! the vines look great painted up in autumnal colours

i built something similar a few years back and this makes me want to revisit fantasy .. cheers
Made in it
Scouting Shade

Never been a fan of the temple of skulls. Those look way too polished as a sculpt to be made of stone.

Still you make them look realistic and sculpted. That's amazing. The whole scenery has a really high fantasy vibe that sits really well with me.

The tower is even more beautiful. Really looks like some lonely tower sitting on the top of an hill, or in an abandoned clearing.

Awesome job.
Made in se
Veteran Wolf Guard Squad Leader

Thanks for the comments.
I still like the classic generic fantasy settings even if I have seen some really nice and weird psycedelic AoS boards.
Made in us
Lead-Footed Trukkboy Driver

I have never seen them so overgrown. Great feel to them. Lovely job.

Just forgot what I was going to say.  
Made in gb
Bloodthirsty Bloodletter

Soviet UK

You have nailed the effect totally, really impressed.

For mother Soviet scotland oh and I like orcs  
Made in us
Courageous Questing Knight

drinking tea in the snow

I really really like this! you've done a wonderful job making them look overgrown, and it makes the whole model look... more like part of something? if that makes sense. As in, it looks like a part of world, rather than a piece on a board.

realism is a lie
Made in nl
Reckless Apprentice Bot Handler

Very nice work!

Made in us
Consigned to the Grim Darkness

Svalarheima, MA

Lovely work here!

Work make excellent centerpieces for a skirmish scale battle table!

Nil nos tremefacit.
Made in ca
Dakka Veteran

These are fantastic.

Can I ask what colours you used for the stone?

Square Bases for Life! 
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