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Made in fr
Fresh-Faced New User

Hey guys, new year, new army !

I start this post to log the progress on my very soon to be delivered Blood angels army .

The initial batch consists into :

1 start collecting BA
1 start collecting SM
1 stormtalon
2 BA sanguinary gard
1 sanguinor
1 razorback
1 stormraven
(1 dante in a near future, he was out of stock )

The goal is to RUSH B SUKA ! and use the marines to cap objectives. Only 5 marines canot be deepstriked or carried unless i use the razorback as a rhino. It will change my life since my actual army is AD mech...

I will also change my view on weathering and bases. I ordered a few paints and basing materials to make desertic cracked earth with small rocks, skulls and tufts. I will try my best to make the army look as pristine as i can with just a very small weathering on vehicles like black on reactors and no weathering on foot bois.

I have rushed the Admech army saying to myself i will come back to it to do the highlights and other stuff (WRONG), but in reality i feel like it's done and i am lazy to do it. So, i will take my time for the mehreens, after all, there will be only 33 soldiers and a few armored and finish them at 100% before going to another squad. Also, i have aquired a s**t ton of paints and have made my technique evolve for the better.

For the info, i was looking forward to start a drukhari or tyranid army BUT i buy my boxes from wayland games and GW is not providing third party retailers with half of the boxes for these 2 factions and i will certainly never pay the GW price ! It's sad but spess mehreens is fine too and i can merge my two forces into a monstruous creature since the weakness of each is the might of the other.

Thank you for the reading, see you very, very soon.

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Alright, the hobby madness is about to begin

Violets are blue, roses are red, my life is about to take an end.

BTW finecast models are a pain in the nurgling

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3500pts fully painted
2000pts WIP 
Made in us
Blood Angel Captain Wracked with Visions

Looking forward to seeing what you do with this. Shame about the Finecast, I've only ever had the misfortune to work with one Finecast mini and it was not a great experience.

Made in fr
Fresh-Faced New User

 Dreadclaw69 wrote:
Looking forward to seeing what you do with this. Shame about the Finecast, I've only ever had the misfortune to work with one Finecast mini and it was not a great experience.

Thanks, I am near build completion, i will start painting soon. I guess i don't need to share pictures of armless grey things (not talking gak about necrons, lol).

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Today, i have tried to paint 75% of one of my spess mehreens to see how i could paint them all and how to do the bases for the best effect poshiburu. I think i can paint the whole army in one month if i paint a few hours per day and i have no paint shortage. I fear i have not enough air brush thinner to undercoat and base coat with the tooth paste red. It took me 24 different paints. 24 ! Anyway, there is the result : (the left arm is not glued, of course)

My modeling skills are holding me back because of the cloak. I have damaged it, so i may paint it in a dark colour to hide the fails. Maybe black with a drybrush of dark grey and a highlight of a lighter grey. Initially i wanted to paint it white with brown wash and a shading of ugly whites to white.

Anyway, i am happy with the result of this one 75% of a model and i am pumped up to roll through the entire force. After all, there are only a few vehicules and 33 infantry. Compared to the 66 infantry and the ton of vehicules i had to paint for admech.

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3500pts fully painted
2000pts WIP 
Made in fr
Fresh-Faced New User

Small update + tactica/list.

Hey guys, i have been thinking about how to paint and how to play with my toys.

I have painted one standard marine and one sanguinary to see how it could be and to have models to follow without thinking anymore.

The captain is also done, but unfortunately for him, he is not part of the gaming plans.

Highlight is not done and some parts have to be neaten up, but overall i'm quite pleased on how the army could look.

Regarding the way to play it, i will go for an elite melee trike force who will deep strike and hunt for high value targets and a bunch of motorized boys who will rush to support/control the map/objectives.

The list is the following :

HQ :

Dante, WL, *angel wings

Troops :

Tactical squad, 5 man
Tactical squad, 5 man
Tactical squad, 5 man

Elites :

Dreadnought storm bolter, assault cannon, melee weapon
Sanguinary guard, 8 man, 6 bolter, 2 plasma, 2 inferno, 4 swords, 4 haxes, 2 gloves
Sanguinary ancient, bolter, sword, *Sacrifice banner

Support :

Devastator, 5 man, 2 heavy bolters, 2 lascanons
Baal predator, 2 heavy bolters, twin assault canon, storm bolter

Transport :

Rhino, storm bolter

Flyers :

Stormtalon, 2 heavy bolter, twin linked assault canon
Stormraven, 2 hurricane bolter, twin linked assault canon, twin linked heavy bolter, 2 stormstrike missile launchers

It's 1991 points.

The golden armada (800 points alone) will have a 5+ FNP (banner w/relic), +1 attack (sanguinor), reroll failed to hit (dante), reroll 1 to wound (banner), immune to morale (dante). I could swap warlord to sanguinor to give reroll failed to hit with sanguinor and dante in case of one dies. The warlord trait is the same anyway. This will give a total of 40 attacks who will mostly hit and +1 to wound on the first turn. Of course the variety of strenghts and AP make it hard to predict but all of the wounds are D3 damages. If i manage to charge anything, even a land raider, i don't know if it can survive one round. The whole package is also very resilient with 2+ saves, 4+ invul on the HQs and 5+FNP.

Everything else will rush to dakka on to the squeeshy units. The two flyers will be able to fire 50 shots turn one with only 12 str4 and the rest str5/6 -1AP. Once the predator and the stormraven package are able to shoot at turn 2, it will add around 45 shots to the mix but a bunch of it is str4 (not counting on rapid fire range).

The rhino and the 2 last tactical squads will turn around and hunt for objectives. They are not accounted into the total of 135 hits/shots.

I know the stormtalon is squeeshy for its price, but choices have to be made, and between shooting down the stormtalon or trying to kill the stormraven + the threat or the golden pudding, you have to chose your target wisely.

I think this plan is not bad, but i have not played yet, so, if you have any suggestion, feel free to deliver on how to improve things. Once everything is painted, i will start to play and i will see how things are going.

Thanks for reading !

3500pts fully painted
2000pts WIP 
Made in fr
Fresh-Faced New User

A tiny update :

I've modified the list and downgraded the devastator to be able to change the dreadnought into a librarian dreadnought. Blood angel's psy is powerfull and having a leaping tin can sounds terrific.

Second update is the testing of a more contrast oriented painting. I will drop my red tone wash into a dark tone one to have something more deep. I kept the cleaner red as highlight, it shows up in real life but due to the lighting, it's invisible in pictures. Maybe i'll change it for a dark orange, i'll see.

Before/after some work.

3500pts fully painted
2000pts WIP 
Made in fr
Fresh-Faced New User

Hey guys,
I'm still alive, don't worry, orks have not yet found me.

Recently, i have recieved the last portion of my forces. Dante, a box of stormtalon without a double sprue madness (i had to send back the last one) and the mighty librarian dreadnought. Fortunately, the librarian dreadnought box enabled me to create a furioso dreadnought instead of the vanilla weaponed venerable dread in the start collecting box.

I also have finished the sanguinor's painting. I just need to touch a bit the base and he's ready to roll (a lot of 6). Here he is :

I delivered all my tricks on this one. It took me ages to paint, but i am really happy of the result ! My only complain is the finecast marines are a bit smaller than others. He looks ridiculous compared to sanguinary guards. But he's more impressive overall.

I will continue slowly to crawl my way to the painted 2k points. In one month, it's my birthday. Maybe i will try to finish for that day and begin my 30th year old with 2 painted armies. Or maybe i will be a lazy sloth, who knows.

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3500pts fully painted
2000pts WIP 
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Liking what you're doing here.
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