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Longtime Dakkanaut

Um. Spoiler warning I guess.

So Fall of Biel-Tan dropped some pretty big plot bombs on the Dark City just as it was turning its attention towards the rest of the galaxy, and no one really seems to be talking about it. So, a few questions and items for discussion:

*Kheradruakh finally finished his collection and... just kind of made some of the city an extension of Aelindrach. We don't know much about Aelindrach, but the the Path of the Dark Eldar trilogy depects it as rather... empty? How do you suppose those within the newly renovated west wing of the shadow realm are adapting to their new existence, and what is Kheradruakh up to now that's he's popped the plot hook he's been sitting on for over a decade? He doesn't seem like the sort to be interested in "ruling" based on what we see of him in Path' series, but this seems like a lot of effort just to go around hunting more people. Maybe he's like... a herald of whatever forces are at the root of Aelindrach?

*Vect is off the throne, and it seems like he's having trouble getting back in position. I'd say that it's all a ruse going JUST AS PLANNED to keep people from gunning for him quite as hard while the city pulls itself together, but Malys is specifically noted to be giving him trouble. And if anyone can outmaneuver him, it's her.

*Speaking of Malys, what's she up to? I'm still half-convinced she was supposed to be Yvraine until a last-minute fluff change. (I'm also pretty sure the Visarch was going to be Yriel at some point.) Surely the lady who won the heart of the laughing god is playing a longer game than just, "Get revenge on Asdrubael. Swagger around my new city."

*Has anyone finished mopping up all those daemons yet? The last time a disjunction happened, it was a big deal, but I got the impression that they'd pretty much wrapped it up after like... a week or two.
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Sinewy Scourge


Vect is hardly off the throne, in fact it's stated that his grip on Commoragh is tightening, which in turn is forcing some Kabalites and even entire Kabals to turn and join the Ynnari just to get away.

The thing with the Dysjunction in FoBT is that it's only ever mentioned to destroy several districts around the Crucibael, it's just caoched in such a way to make it look cataclysmic, but Commoragh is an unfathomly large place and the majority of it was probably fine.

Sadly, dispite the enormity of the events, we've been left disappointingly short on fluff regarding Commoragh post Fracture..., so there's little more than conjecture to be had based on very limited information.
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Material for Haemonculus Experiments

Rutland VT

I also would like to have seen what this "mirror portal to a suns center" did when the Gate blew open.

I have a mental picture of a split second infinite loop where Demons are being sucked into the sun, re-materializing in the Warp and going through the Gate again, being sucked back into the sun, etc . . . all in a ridiculous Douglas Adams type scene.

- Don't Panic 
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Sinewy Scourge

I was unaware that DE fluff was updated. Where'd ya'll find this?

"Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons."
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Abhorrent Grotesque Aberration

A combination of the path books and the gathering storm stuff.

"Why me?" Gideon begged, falling to his knees.
"Why not?" - Asdrubael Vect 
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