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2000 points Genestealer Cult vs Astra Militarum/Imperium  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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2,000 points Imperium vs Genestealer Cult

Cult List:

Genestealer Cult Battalion

HQ: Magos
HQ: Patriarch

Troops: 10x Neophytes, 2x Grenade Launchers, 2x Mining Lasers
Troops: 10x Neophytes, 2x Seismic Cannons
Troops: 5x Acolytes, 2x Demo Charges

Transport: GOliath Truck
Transport: Goliath Truck

Elites: 10x Purestrain Genestealers
Elites: 5x Aberrants with Hammers

Heavy Support: Goliath Rockgrinder with Seismic
Heavy Support: Leman Russ Battlecannon/Lascannon
Heavy Support: Leman Russ Battlecannon/Lascannon

Genestealer Cults Battalion

HQ: Primus
HQ: Primus

Troops: 20x Acolytes, 4x Power Drills
Troops: 10x Neophytes, Shotguns and Flamer, chainsword leader
Troops: 10x Neophytes, shotguns and flamer, chainsword leader

Guard List:

Imperium Supreme Command
HQ: Saint Celestine
HQ: Primaris Psyker
HQ: Primaris Psyker

Tallarn Battalion
HQ: Company Commander
HQ: Company Commander
Troops: Infantry Squad with Melta
Troops: Infantry Squad with Melta
Troops: Infantry Squad with Melta
Elites: Command Squad 4x Plasma
Elites: Command Squad 4x Plasma

Cadia Battalion
HQ: Company Commander
HQ: Company COmmander
Troops: Infantry Squad with Lascannon
Troops: Infantry Squad with Lascannon
Troops: Infantry Squad with Lascannon

Catachan Spearhead
HQ: Primaris Psyker
HS: Basilisk
HS: Basilisk
HS: Basilisk
Elite: Sgt Harker

Tallarn Supreme Command
HQ: Command Tank battlecannon/Lascannon/Heavy Bolters
HQ: Command Tank Punisher/Lascannon/Heavy Bolters
HQ: Command Tank Punisher/Lascannon/Heavy Bolters
HQ: Primaris Psyker

Custom mission setup, since both armies involved a living god we decided that there was a Genestealer Cult uprising and Saint Celestine had appeared to guide the surviving remnants of the Imperial Guard defending the world to strike back and burn down the shrines of the false four-armed emperor. Since this was a battle for the hearts and minds of the hive world, tabling would not result in automatic victory, though of course the army with models left would hold the objectives unopposed until turn 5 when the game ends.

at the center of each table quarter was an objective representing a religious shrine. Holding an objective at the end of a player's turn would be worth 1 point. Capturing a shrine which had been claimed by the opposing player and toppling the idols of the enemy's false god would be worth 2 points. And holding the objective with the living proof of your side's deity (Saint Celestine or the Patriarch) would be worth 3 points.

Additionally, each side would be attempting to slay the symbol of the opposing god to prove their ultimate supremacy. Killing Celestine or the Patriarch would be worth 3 points (only the final death would count for Celestine of course) and if the killing blow was struck to one by the other, it would be worth 5 points instead.

The game:

The Cult deployed everything either in ambush or in a transport. Seeing the Guard placing the big pack of basilisks in one far corner behind a set of shipping crates, the cult placed one transport truck, the rockgrinder, and both russes on the objective on that side of the board, and just a solo transport+squad on the other objective. The Guard deployed the punisher tank and both command squads in tallarn ambush, one Battlecannon and two infantry squads on the objective opposite the solo transport of cultists, and everything else surrounding the rest of the objectives. Commanders and Psykers were liberally scattered throughout.

Thanks to the beauty of transport and cult ambush drops, the cult finished deploying comfortably before the guard and got +1 on their roll to go first, which they won. Using the new Meticulous Ambush stratagem, 20 acolytes and a Primus rolled a 6 to ambush and launched themselves straight at the basilisks' bubblewrapping squads and one leman russ punisher tank. The patriarch used a command point reroll and got another 6, so he and his genestealer escort went straight for the battlecannon tank and supporting infantry. Both squads of shotgun neophytes also ambushed in, but rolled poorly and were out of the main fight for now.

between shooting and the patriarch's charge, the battlecannon russ, a company commander, and one full infantry squad went down. A Primaris Psyker was left alive and attempted to be surrounded, but the genestealers didnt have quite enough distance on their pile in to fully hem him in. The acolytes lost nearly half their number to the overwatch, but wiped out one infantry squad, engaged another, all three basilisks, and took the leman russ punisher down to 2 wounds. Shooting and morale took down one of the unengaged Tallarn infantry squads as well. The cult scored 3 points from objectives.

Looking to take back momentum, Saint Celestine went straight for the enemy's throat. All the ambushers arrived on the side of the map with the patriarch and plasma fire and saint celestine's burning sword wiped them out. Rather than risk failing the long 9" charge with celestine and giving the patriarch a chance to get away, the guard commander opted to use his ambushing tank to shoot him to death and take the 3 points. The guard scored 7 points in total by killing the patriarch, stealing an objective I had held, and securing an objective. Vitally for the cult, one basilisk trapped in the corner could not fall back far enough to get out of 1" away from the acolytes, so nothing could shoot them at all. both other basilisks, infantry squad and leman russ all fell back and did not shoot. Numerous characters and an infantry squad piled on and murdered one squad of shotgun neophytes in melee.

The cult brought in the last squad in reserves, the aberrants with another primus, with the ambush stratagem also got a 6. they charged the basilisks, taking one down and leaving the other with 2 wounds. Both primuses also put in work, one killing a primaris psyker and the other Sgt Harker.The wounded russ was finished off by shooting and the remaining russ taken down to just over half wounds.The cult scored 2 points from objectives leaving the score 5-7.

Saint Celestine went straight for the aberrants, but unfortunately her murdering them was stopped by the MVP rule of the game, Bestial Vigor, meaning her 2 damage sword only did 1 to them and left 2/5 alive to whack her with their hammers. Between them and the Primus who had intervened in Celestine was left with 2 wounds. The remaining Russ attempted to clear a goliath truck off one of the objectives but it survived with a single wound left and the objective stayed contested. the guard scored 1 point from objectives, putting the score 5-8.

Shooting from the cult russes and mining lasers takes down the last leman russ, and the aberrants and goliath rockgrinder take celestine down for the first time. She revives back on the last friendly objective nearby, which is currently a giant melee scrum between the surviving guard squad+Characters and the second shotgun neophyte squad. Thanks to obsec, the neophytes grab that objective momentarily, scoring 5 points and putting the score at 10-8.

Celestine murderizes the cultists on the objective and scores it for the home team, gaining 3 points from objectives. The last basilisk dies to melee and fails to explode despite trying with a reroll. The score is 10-11, but the cult is all set to score 8 points and table the Guard in the last turn, so we rolled through the acolytes, aberrants and rockgrinder killing celestine the last time and called the game a cult victory.

What a game for the cult! I started off 8th edition 0-5 with these guys, and the Chapter Approved changes really put them on the map! I knew I was up against a fairly powerful guard list so I tried to come in with the most competitive setup I could manage with my models, but I was just hoping to put up a fight and take out a chunk of guys, I didn't expect to win.

We also experimented with the terrain setup, ruling absolutely everything on the map a statue rather than ruins (if you're 3" away and 25% obscured from the firer, you are in cover), and that actually ended up feeling a lot more tactical and I think made the game take longer and be more satisfying overall. Though there was definitely a massive alpha strike, and the game did technically end with a tabling, it was on the last turn and the guard did manage to score 11 points and at least contest 3/4 objectives throughout the game. It felt much more fair to be able to have a tank being shot from the other side of a building through a window actually get the cover bonus, and at the very least the infantry who were not fighting acolytes/genestealers in melee or getting shot by battlecannons felt like they had some staying power. It definitely seems a bit weird (call everything a what?) but I'd recommend trying it out if 8th ed terrain is unsatisfying to you.

The mission I think worked pretty well, I was intending to try and give the second player an advantage with the bonus to capturing an objective away. The score ended up 11-18 and the guard could have scored a few more but for some close rolls (2 bonus points could have been had for going ballsy with celestine and trying to get to the patriarch herself, 2 more could have been scored if the russ had successfully killed the Goliath truck on the objective, etc) and that's what I was hoping for from the objectives set up the way they were, to have there be more potential to score if things were desperate for your side.
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I really enjoyed reading the BR - thanks!!!

Bow down to Guilliman for he is our new God Emperor!

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Thanks for that! Not nearly enough Cult battle reports around. Good job.
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Thanks for posting - good batrep and nice added narrative.
Next time you might want to thread photos into the narrative of the game? It looks good that way - but either way I'll still enjoy it :-)

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Great bat-rep, and good pointers re: terrain.

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