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Anyone have any issues with Kromlech orders. I ordered my stuff on their Black Friday sale, was hoping to have it by Christmas, but I don't think thats going to happen. :( I live in Texas, so I know it has to cross the Atlantic, but I have order stuff from Europe and China before, usually only takes about 3 weeks. Just curious if anyone else is waiting on orders from them? or if they got overloaded and are behind.

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I think my orders from them took about a month generally? Not sure on your particular one.

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My last order took 6 weeks....

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Cary, NC

Mine have always been pretty quick (for international orders). Much faster than Puppets War, which is also Polish, I think (though both have been reliable shippers). It usually takes mine about 2 weeks, I think?

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Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine

United Kingdom

Being just across the English Channel I've rarely had to wait more than a week and a half ordering from them. Never had any issues either.

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Decrepit Dakkanaut


they've always been quick for me (never tried around BF though),

but I think expecting anything to travel at normal speed at this time of year is risky, and even if it does it can all too easlily sit it customs for ages

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Spawn of Chaos


I've ordered from them a number of times and never had an issue but I'm in the UK.

If you're having issues then it may well be worth dropping them a message through their contact form. I've had to contact them previously with product queries and they've always been quick to reply and a pleasure to deal with although I'd anticipate some delays with it being Christmas.

As far as the Black Friday sale goes and your stuff, I've usually received a shipping notification to my inbox. Either way though I'd touch base with them for assistance.

edit: As an additional thought, have you been in touch with your local post office to make sure no items are being held for whatever reason?

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