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Using the GW Epic rules etc to play Cold War/Moderns in 6mm?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Wondering Why the Emperor Left

There have been a few threads asking about modern rules etc for 6mm scale, looking to do 1 vehicle :1 vehicle and infantry also to scale but on stands,with no success, the closest being either Battlefront s Team Yankee, or other systems which are scaled at 1 vehicle is a platoon or more. This got me thinking to the only game I've ever played at the desired scale.....Epic. And I've just had the idea "maybe those rules could be converted to moderns?" After all they have infantry, tanks, AAA, helicopters (skimmers...) and aircraft. What does anyone else think? (Apart from which version of the epic rules to use as a starting point )

Made in gb
Wondering Why the Emperor Left

So - loads of views but no comments! Further Googling says that a number of people have had the same thought before, and written rules for this, but I'm struggling to find copies - anyone here got some available?

Made in us
Napoleonics Obsesser


I could not think of any using Epic, but I could for Warmaster. I think Cold War Commander is the name of it.

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Made in gb
Wondering Why the Emperor Left

Ah thanks for response. I'm aware of CWC, but this was a homebrew mod specifically for Epic, eg Leopard 2 tanks had a macro weapon etc. Crossing equipment over wouldn't be too hard as there are multiple equivalencies already to start from (Rhino is a M113, Chimera APC is a BMP etc) but its lots of work to re do if someone has done it already. The main benefit though was getting the system behind it - I especially liked the way blast markers represented suppression in a simple visual mechanic.

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