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Furious Fire Dragon


Ive been asking everyon about Eldar Brigades of late. Some suggestions have inspired me.

FieldCraft Brigade

HQ Autarch Reaper Launcher WarLord Mark of Incomparable Hunter 105
HQ Farseer 100
HQ Conclave 60 Quicken/Restrain+Conceal/Reveal
HQ Spirit Seer 45 Protect/Jinx ShiftShroud

E 5 Howling Banshees 65
E 5 Howling Banshees 65
E 5 WraithGuard 200

T 5 Dire Avengers 60
T 5 Dire Avengers 60
T 5 Dire Avengers 60
T 5 Rangers 60
T 5 Rangers 60
T 10 Storm Guardians 70

FA 5 Shining Spears 157
FA 5 wind riders shuriken cannons x3 130
FA 5 Swooping Hawks 68

HVY Falcon EML 155
HVY 2 Shadow Weaver Battery 110
HVY 5 Dark Reapers 138

Trans Wave Serpent 134

Wild Host Auxillary Detachment
HQ Autarch Skyrunner NovaLance 108

2010 (need suggestions how to get rid of 10 points)

Idea is to start WraithGuard and WindRiders in Webway. Reapers and Faseer deploy in the Falcon and Both units of Banshees and Conclave in the Wave Serpent. 16 drops. Swooping Hawks, Ranger and Spirit Seer with SpiritShroud in Reserves.

11 CPs and using 1 for Treasures of the Craftworld and 3 for 2 units in WebWay. Thus that leaves 8 CPs

Plan on going 2nd and will deploy the Falcon and Wave Serpent and Autarch Skyrunner last. Will Set up a 48" long range gun batter in the corner around the ShadowWeavers/Falcon/Reapers.
Dire Avengers and Rangers will make a screening bubble wrap. Reapers will jump out and shoot. Banshees will jump out 3 inches forward, run 8" and advance and then charge 3"+the 2d6. (could use the Matchless Agility on 1 of them). The wave serpent moves up enough for the WraithGuard. The SpiritSeer shrouds in close to the WS and then the Wraithguard pop in to shoot a tank/monster. Then they Fire and Fade inside the Serpent.
The Autarch Skyrunner and Shining Spears charge. Autarch can use Saim-Hann stratagem.

Perhaps it would be better to take an additional unit of 9 Swooping Hawks instead of the WindRiders. Get rid of the SpiritShroud/Treasures. Start with 9 CPs....Keep Farseer out for Forwarned and put SpiritSeer in Falcon.

This latter option is 2000 points even.

I will need to use Fire And Fade, Re-Roll, Conclave power, seer council strategem, perhaps the Vaul Support strategem, Saim Hann strategem, At least one 2cp interrupt opponents CC stratagem That only leaves like 1 CP unless I get a Path of Command Reroll for use like Reroll or Forwarned.

I think the latter list is better...thoughts

 koooaei wrote:
We are rolling so many dice to have less time to realise that there is not much else to the game other than rolling so many dice.
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Secretive Dark Angels Veteran

Turn the mediocre falcon into another 5 man reapers. They are just better and will save you points.

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Furious Fire Dragon


I think there are a few places where you could switch out some units to have better synergy.

I agree with icelord that the falcon is probably better off as more dark reapers. Falcons are cool, but anything that a falcon can do a wave serpent can do better so you're better off with dark reapers. If you put them all in one squad then you can webway them in for protection.

Switching out the wind riders for the swooping hawks could be a good idea. You don't need to spend a CP on them to deep strike and they can assign some random mortal wounds and dish out fire power.

The storm guardians seem very out of place, to get the 10 points off of your list you should switch them out for a squad of rangers.

Also why is the autarch under the saim-hann craftworld? If he's not the same craftworld as the res of your army then he can't give re-roll 1's to hit to them. Just bring him under the alaitoc craftworld and give him the relic that makes him -1 to hit or just don't bring a relic on him if you're planning on using the alaitoc shiftshroud

Last thing is the shadow weaver batteries: I think they won't get you as many points back as bringing a war walker that can outflank and has lots of weapon options. you could save 40points by switching the shadow weavers for a war walker with 2 shuriken cannons/scatter lasers

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Eldar: 6500
Raven Guard: 1500
Tyranids: 1500
Made in us
Furious Fire Dragon


Yes ...as soon as I worked it out I hated it.

Then I came up with 3 more variations and hated them.

Finally I came up with 2 Falcons, 3 Wave Serpents a NightBringer 1 WebWay Defender blob, and 3 FA units of Hawks. So 10 drops....not bad but then I wasn't in love with it either.

The fun thing about Eldar are the Strategems. To get the most CPs you have to make an unfun list. You make some fun lists you don't have the CPs

I think Ill stick with 2 battalions and 1 Outrider detachment and find a way to live with 10 CPs

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Oh the reason I want the Saim-Hann Autarch Skyrunner is that there is not a unit other than the Avatar that can deal as much hurt in CC as a Nova Lance armed Skyrunner.

Too Bad it must be in a Wild Host detachment.

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 koooaei wrote:
We are rolling so many dice to have less time to realise that there is not much else to the game other than rolling so many dice.
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Agile Revenant Titan

Fayetteville NC

I've had trouble trying to building an Eldar brigade and retain the punch I need. Let us know how it fares. The trend I'm starting to see is having 8 CP utilzing one Battalion and two smaller detachements (+1 CP each detachment). A bit easier to tailor the list that way.

Have I really been playing 40K for nearly 30 years? 
Made in us
Furious Fire Dragon


Wild Rider Outrider detachment
HQ Autarch Skyrunner with Nova Lance
3 Dragon Riders with Star Lance
3 Dragon Riders with Star Lance
6 Swooping Hawks

I think that is 379 points. Ill just keep both exodite units together and try to have them act as one unit tactically.

Field Craft Battalion (Alaitoc)
HQ Farseer
HQ Conclave
T 18 Defender Guardians + 1 Shur Platform
T 5 Rangers
T 5 Rangers
Hvy 1 D-cannon Battery
Hvy 1 WraithLord with ghostglaive Bright Lance
Hvy Wraithlord with flamer EML

Field Craft Battalion #2 (alaitoc)
HQ Warlock w singing spear
HQ SpiritSear
T 5 Dire Avengers
T 5 Dire Avengers
T 12 Storm Guardians
Hvy 5 Dark Reapers EML
Hvy 5 Dark Reapers Shuriken Cannon (ablative wound model basically)
Wave Serpent with vectored engines and triple cannons + ctm
Wave serpent with bright lances spirit stones

 koooaei wrote:
We are rolling so many dice to have less time to realise that there is not much else to the game other than rolling so many dice.
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