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Warp Talons and Daemon Heralds and which Legion is best for them?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Lesser Daemon of Chaos

Will a Daemon Herald's +1 to strength bonus work on Warp Talons since they are Daemon, with the same Chaos god as the Herald?

Also, if I paint my Talons as World Eaters they'll get the +1 attack on the charge, which is pretty good, but it would be super good if they got +1 strength from a Jugger Herald nearby. Or I am thinking maybe paint them as my Sons of Malice (for a Renegade Legion) so they could Advance and Charge for when they don't deepstrike. Either way they'd need Warptime to do the deepstrike charge.

Warp Talons don't make much sense for Iron Warriors probably (my other Chaos Marines Legion).

I have 10 Warp Talons. Should I run them as 2 different squads of 5, maybe splitting them amongst my Legions....or one big unit?

Made in us
Contagious Dreadnought of Nurgle

Had similar thoughts. I play IW and NL Legions, so NL talons make more sense thematically, but IW talons would just look cool and support my jump lord and relic armored prince . It's hard to say what we are gonna get until the Daemons book drops. Warp talons lack a reasonable number of attacks for a CC unit . I think they would work best in numbers.
Made in us
Lesser Daemon of Chaos

Big squad was my thought too. Kinda why I was thinking World Eaters for that extra attack, and even if they need to drop in front of enemy lines because of space issues, they can still hurt. And now that I'm full of coffee and thinking straight, they could use the Veterans of the Long War stratagem too, whereas my Sons of Malice couldn't.

I would make Iron Warriors Warp Talons just to call them Iron Butterflies, with custom mech wings

The Daemons book is apparently imminent so perhaps the Heralds will have something to share with their mortal wannabes.
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