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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced Inquisitorial Acolyte

So, inspired by some of the artwork in the battletome, i thoughtid try writing a fyreslayers list.

Be as brutal as you like, i have a few questions off the bat:

Do people take multiple magmadroths? They seem cheap enough points wise

Do i have too many characters?

Cant decide between tiny hearthguard unit or minimum vulkite for core tax, went vulkite for variety but not sold yet...



Runeson on magmadroth




Grimwrath berzerker

30 vulkite berzerkers
-twin axes

10 vulkite berzerkers
-picks and shields

15 hearthguard berzerkers

30 auric hearthguard

Lords of the lodge battallion


I dont like the runemaster on paper, seems the buff he gives the enemy is a bit too strong, but he is a tax for the lodge and i like the rules that gets...

Obviously the hearthguard will deepstrike with the runesmiter (hopefully to take out the enemy buffed unit!!!), maybe ond if the combat units if the enemy dont have any juicy targets for the hearthguard

But, any thoughts welcome ^_^
Made in us
Plaguelord Titan Princeps of Nurgle

Assuming you want to build a list on the strongest end of the scale:

-Four magmadroths are auto-take at 2k. At least two of them are runesmiters.

-The other two characters are a two battlesmiths, or one smith one smiter on foot if you want to tunnel in.

-30 man vulkite units are your battleline. Failing that just take the minimum size, never take anything other than the minimum or maximum.

Beyond that you can fill it with whatever you like and you'll have a strong list. Optimize it well and you can reach tournament-cheese level.

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