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Theory hammer time: 10 Autarchs - or - Reapers + Shining Spears?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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What is better?
10 Autarch Skyrunners w/ Banshee mask, Laser lance and Reaper launchers
15 Dark Reapers + 20ish Shining Spears?

Detachment wise, the Autarchs would be in 2 Command detachments and the Reaper/Spears would likelly be in an Outrider (likely lead by a single Autarch)
The reason I ask is because that particular built of Autarch is comparable to 2 Spears with a Reaper riding on the back, like a chariot.

Similar wounds, attacks and a single launcher. This got me thinking that is Reapers and Spears are considered some of the best Eldar unit currently, wouldn't an entire army of Autarch with similar wargear also be really good?

The 10 Autarchs have about the same total output at range and melee as the Spears due to hitting on 2+ with re-roll 1s. Same for the launchers; while the Reapers technically have more, the Autarchs hit better (or the same while moving) and get re-roll 1s to hit. The Autarchs are also tougher and characters (granted the CA now requires non-character units to "block" targeting of characters, but at only 1300pts, I'm sure I could fit some Rangers or something into both lists)
The main advantage of this is that opponents cannot simply pick off your Reapers or specific Spear units. An army of mostly Autarchs can hide better and spreads out its 'tools'.



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Made in us
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Thats when you get out an excel sheet and play with the numbers.

Edit: Reapers are also good for other reason,
1) Always 3+
2) Ynnari can dbl fire 10 of them
3) Powers can effect a large unit instead of 1
4) Can have a full unit use strategies over 1 (like fire against a DSing unit)
5) They can fit many units in WS's to have lower Drops
6) They can get Tempest Launchers also
7) Can DSing a large unit to safety/better positioning

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