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Scarred Ultramarine Tyrannic War Veteran

So I’ve noticed that my Blood Angels and Dark Angels codex have warped. Anyone else having this issue? I hope we’re not heading backwards on book quality here.

I store these on a book shelf in my living room.
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Horrific Hive Tyrant

I never thought GW books were all that high quality to egin with. DND handbooks are high quality. They have the type of binding that lets the book sit open and flat. The pages are made out of a good material that resistant to the drinks/food expected during a long game session. And they are jam packed with content and not page after page of pictures of product.

Codexes are 10-15 dollars more expensive, half the pages, 1/3rd the content, worse binding, and inferior paper.

I haven't had mine warp, but I wouldn't have ever called them great quality or a great deal. At least 8ths codexes are getting cheaper.

These are my opinions. This is how I feel. Others may feel differently. This needs to be stated for some reason.
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Made in us
Scarred Ultramarine Tyrannic War Veteran

I can count on one hand the number of GW books that have ‘not’ warped on me; and I buy every codex and store them nicely. I monitor the humidity throughout my home, so I know this isn’t an issue.

I’m not thrilled with the quality of GW product in general anymore. It seems like the majority of product I’ve bought recently has all needed replaced or was problematic in some other way (e.g. Plasma Conduits supports - 16 my ass!).

Made in gb
Wrathful Warlord Titan Commander

Ramsden Heath, Essex

If by warped you mean they are going wavy then that’s usually the result of moisture. Is the shelf on an an external wall or near bathroom/kitchen/window?

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Regular Dakkanaut

I have perhaps 80 codices, including old editions. 60 are stored in the loft: alternately hot and cold.

No warping in any of them.

Unless UK and US stock are printed separately (and to different standards) can't see the books themselves being the issue. I've seen perhaps 2 warped books (belonging to others) in 20 years of gaming.

If almost all of yours have warped that does suggest an environmental issue.

As a side issue, did anyone else read this thread as "GW Book War page"?
Made in us
Scarred Ultramarine Tyrannic War Veteran

 notprop wrote:
If by warped you mean they are going wavy then that’s usually the result of moisture. Is the shelf on an an external wall or near bathroom/kitchen/window?

No to all; no heat vents, no direct sun light... the book shelf is practically dead center in the house. As I mentioned, I monitor the humidity levels throughout my house with several hydrometer’s so humidity is definitely not an issue.

The BA and DA books warped day one while sitting on my living room table. This is 100% a quality problem with their books. I have several other non- GW books alongside my GW book which are all fine. Only the GW books warp.
Made in gb
Most Glorious Grey Seer

Never happened to me before?

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Made in nl
Regular Dakkanaut

I've never had any of my many GW books warp at all.
Nor have I ever heard from others fellow gamers, that they should have experienced warping of their GW books.
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Thinking of Joining a Davinite Loge

Pittsburgh, PA

Yeah, that sounds pretty outrageous. Pics or it didn’t happen

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PanOceaniac Hacking Specialist Sergeant

My Dark Angels codex also warped within a day of bringing it home.
Put it under my paint box for a few days and it has flattened back out.
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Guessing this may be down to how the books have been stored and shipped, they are warping when in peoples homes and they dry out and generally warm up
Made in au
Grizzled Space Wolves Great Wolf

A bunch of my GW books have warped over the years. I don't really own anything all that recent to know what they are like though.

It is mostly the GW stuff of mine that's warped, we have a small library of books (maybe 4 or 5 large wall-sized book shelves) and those haven't warped.

That said I haven't monitored the situation closely, I've just noticed a few times picking up my GW books that they've got a significant bow as if the spine shrunk or the centre of the pages grew.
Made in ca
Fixture of Dakka

I have had this issue years ago, with Tyranids codex. It was with the alternative cover. I had it warp and the black flack off on the edge of pages. I called GW Customer Support and they replaced the codex.

So I would take pics, and call up Customer Support and they will ask you to email the pics and then shoiuld rectify the situation for you.

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Awesome Autarch

Are they sitting in close proximity to the Chaos codices?

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