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[H] WHFB: Bretonnians, Goblins, LotR, Napoleonic Tin Flats 28mm [W] $$$, SM, Orks, Necrons, Tyranids [USA]  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in ca
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Quanity Unit - OOP Condition Notes
20 Bret Men @ Arms Primed black 16 of these are on 4 across by 1 deep multibase, shields left off for painting
15 Bret Men @ Arms Primed black Spear and Shield glued on
19 Bret oldschool Bowman Painted Green
10 Bret oldschool Bowman Painte blue yellow half
16 Bret oldschool Bowman Paint red Bule halves P
1 King Louen Leoncuer Perwter, Unbuilt, tried to, but gave up, I have the box still too. RARE!!!!
1 Bret Lord old school on foot Unbuilt Rare
1 Bretonnina Lord with Axe and Shield, Horse- Metal Unbuilt Rare
1 Pegasus Knight Horse Primed white, Rider primed black
1 Pegasus NoS - Missing 1 wing NoS
1 Knight with Banner Primed Black
Knight Bits heads and weaposn mostly
men at arm bits; heads and weaposn mostly

Lord of the Rings - OOP

12 Rohan Riders, 4 with spear, 4 with bows, 4 with axes Painted decent

1 GW Battle for Skull Pass Goblin Set NoS
1 Teepee and scenic bits NoS
1 1 Stone Troll NoS
10 10 Spider Riders with bases NoS
20 20 Goblin Archers w bases NoS
40 40 Goblin Spearmen NoS

Quanity Unit - OOP - 30 MM Zinnfigurens Condition ,
80 Napoleonic Tin Flats - Zinnfiguren Painted includes 5 officers on horse, 3 banners, 3 drummers, 3 foot officers,
20 2 Man skirmisher units Painted
1 1 prone guy Painted
*2 of the infantry are snapped at the feet, superflue can fix.
** Base slots for all models
17 Infantry Russians Painted, no bases Painted
Comamnd,2 horse officers, foot officer, drummer , banner, no bases painted
6 5 infantry unpainted, 1 foot officer, no bases not painted
10 Cavalry n o bases painted
10 cavalry no baes partial painted

SPACE MARINE IS FOR SCALE Reference only. [not inclued]

3 Dark Venganece Bikers with Powerfist and Storm Shields 1 needs to have arms glued on. Partial painted.

2x OoP Necron Canoptek Spyders Metal ( no bases)

I can provide mores pics as requested for serious buyers.

EDIT: Added some pics

PM me.

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:tyranid: 8500+

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Made in us
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PM me if still for sale.
Made in ca
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Updated listing, removed items sold.

:tyranid: 8500+

DakkaSwap Successful Transactions: cormadepanda, pretre x2, LibertineIX, Lbcwanabe, privateer4hire, Cruentus (swap) 
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