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Nurgle Daemonkin/Death Guard gun line idea  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Sword-Wielding Bloodletter of Khorne

Warp Storm over Illinois

I have some extra Death Guard lying around with a bunch of Nurgle Daemons and thought I'd try something different. I'd like to build a Nurgle gun-line type army. My main force are World Eaters so I'd try to avoid heavily close combat army if possible. I was wondering if it was possible to do the Death Guard in a gun line fashion (fluff wise I think it works because they were infantry heavy and mostly used bolters if I remember correctly). I wouldn't be sure what to add besides 2 large groups of Plague Bearers for the minus 1 to hit. Units I like from the new line are the Lord of Contagion, Noxious Blightbringer, Plague Marines, and both forms of the Terminators. I'd like to steer away from Morty as I already own Magnus and he's not super fun to face if played right. Curious for an all comer idea/what to add to it. I'd be aiming for around 100 PL in total.

World Eaters/Khorne Daemons : 10463pts  
Made in de
Nurgle Veteran Marine with the Flu

Plagueburst Crawler, Bloat Drones, Helbrutes, multiple units of Marines with Blight Launcher/ Plasma, supported by a Chaos Lord or Prince with the arch-contaminator wl trait to reroll all Plague weapons. Throw in as much FW units as you like .
Made in nl
Been Around the Block

My army is basically 3 crawlers with a lord, 3 bloat drones with a demon prince and 3 nurglings with two demonic heralds (they heal demon engines).

Works pretty well so far. The rest is infantry filler to control deep striking. A plasma squad of marines, bunch of poxwalkers, a few cultists.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Daemon prince(dg warlord with plate and arch contaminator trait)

3 x 5 plague marines w/ two blightlaunchers and one plasma each

3 x plague Burst crawlers w/ entropy cannons

1 x foetid bloat drone w/ plaguespitters

1 x 5 blightlords w/ Combi boltors and a flail of corruption


This is my undefeated dg gunline. Plan is to put PBC's right behind the prince with the Marine squads fanned out in front fanned out to help with Ds denial. Morty chills a bit behind and to the side for a counter punch most games but if they are a gunline as well than run at them fast. Blightlords and typhus come in where needed to mitigate damage or Pressure objectives(do not underestimate their punch for only 5 guys they kill hard). Obviously the board state changes every game but that's the general plan at the start before everything gets chaotic hope it helps

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