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Posted today are some images of a couple of scenery pieces; one each for my two gaming boards. One board is set up as an Imperial city covered in snow and the other is a desert board that represents the homeworld of the Bloodstorm, Bohemus.

The first piece of scenery is the one I'm most proud of, and this is a little diorama piece showing a girl scavenging materials from the wreckage of a Land Raider and placing the materials into a cart. The base is plasticard and the Land Raider is a the middle section of an actual LR model (you'll see what I did with the rest of it soon). I can't remember what range the girl is from but it's obviously not GW. I'm quite pleased with the composition and the paintjob on the LR. The aim of this piece was to show a snapshot of life on an Imperial world that has been destroyed by war.

The second piece is for the world of Bohemus, and represents a temple built by the cultists. The model is a plasticard kit that I have embellished with chaos iconography. It's not a big temple - I think of it as something built in one of the smaller settlements of the planet, perhaps by an apostle who went out to convert inhabitants to the worship of Khorne. I have plans for more scenery for Bohemus, so watch this space!
[Thumb - 171202 little scavenger girl scenery piece (1).JPG]

[Thumb - 171202 little scavenger girl scenery piece (2).JPG]

[Thumb - 171202 little scavenger girl scenery piece (3).JPG]

[Thumb - 171230 Khorne temple (1).JPG]

[Thumb - 171230 Khorne temple (2).JPG]

[Thumb - 171230 Khorne temple (3).JPG]

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