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Am I correct to assume that the Gemina accompanying Celestine is a character model and is then eligible to activate the Martyrdom stratagem? If yes, it's strong, since the Gemina dies (and comes back) often! It will happen in the enemy turn, so the 1-per (player's) turn restriction won't be an issue.

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 RenegadeKorps wrote:
Am I correct to assumer that the Gemina accompanying Celestine is a character model and is then eligible to activate the Martydom stratagem? if yes, it makes strong combo!

Two things:

1) It was FAQed to not work.

2) It requires you to remove the unit. So even when it did work, you'd kill Celestine doing it.

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Basically the Celestine + Geminae unit is one model for most rules purpose's.

It isn't of course one model, but for most rules interactions it is treated as one character.

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They are a "unit" with the "character" keyword.

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