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Hi everyone! I posted a 1000 points list earlier and it’s now time to escalate to 1500. I play most often against Tau, Guard and Marines. The thing is, I don't want any grav tanks or jetbikes, but rather a classic footdar build. And am not going for something super-competitive either but that might win me a game or three. Onto the list then shall we

Total Points: 1500
CP: 7 (Batallion + Spearhead)

Autarch - 93 points
- Reaper launcher, Star glaive, Banshee mask (or Mandiblasters, which is better?)
- Warlord: Mark of the Incomparable Hunter

Farseer - 105 points
- Singing spear
- Psychic Powers: Executioner, Fortune

Spiritseer - 45 points
- Psychic Powers: Quicken/Restrain
- Relic: Psytronome of Iyanden

5 Wraithblades - 225 points
- Ghostaxes, Forceshields

10 Howling Banshees - 130 points
- Exarch: Mirrorswords

10 Dire Avengers - 140 points
- Exarch: Power glaive and Shimmershield

5 Rangers - 60 points

5 Rangers - 60 points

5 Dark Reapers - 140 points
- Exarch: Tempest launcher

1 War Walker - 90 points
- 2 Bright lances

1 War Walker - 90 points
- 2 Bright lances

1 Wraithlord - 151 points
- 2 Shuriken cannons, 2 Flamers, Ghostglaive

1 Wraithlord - 171 points
- 2 Aeldari missile launchers, 2 Flamers

There you have it! Then plan is basically to keep the Spiritseer and Farseer shielded by the wraithaxes and the glaivelord. Both units boosted in combat by Spirit mark and Psytronome, and the blades being quickened up the board and some high priority unit fortuned. While trying to get within range of smite + executioner (possibly executioner again for 1 CP) and Spiritseer also smites eventually.

Rangers infiltrate to block deep strikers, take objectives and/or take character sniping positions.

Similarly the Walkers likely outflank to put a few shots into enemy armour on my first turn and are split up to provide additional distraction.

Dire Avengers have proven really good in lower points games for camping on objectives, soaking enemy fire and actually dealing with enemy troops too. Good unit to fortune I've noticed.

Banshees rush up (possibly auto 6" advance) to hopefully get a first or second turn charge against something to tie up, distract and harrass.

These aspect units are supported by the missilelord, reapers and (sniping) autarch - which benefit from his re-roll aura. Although autarch and lord may take a more flexible advancing role if needed as with the re-rolls the moveing and firing heavy weapons aren't as annoying, and flamers/star glaive/re-rolls for avengers can sometimes provide better support.

In order to keep the Wraithlords strong I'm going for at least one detachment as Iyanden. I guess Alaitoc is the better choice for the second one? Although I might just go for Iyanden all over for aestethic reasons..

Thanks for reading! Any input is greatly appreciated, so please leave a comment on what units you might use over these ones, more effecient wargear, your experience and tips on certain units or flaws in my reasoning above. Thanks!

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