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Hey Dakka,

Had this issue come up the other day in a game and we could not determine a suitable outcome. Luckily we worked around it but its still interesting to discuss.

The situation is thus:
- a unit of ynnari bikers assault and kill the swarmlord, allowing them to now use a soulburst.
- at the same time, the tyranid player elects to use the "death frenzy" strategem, which states "when a character is slain they can immediately shoot or fight as per the respective phase before it is removed from the battlefield"
- as per the rules, the soulburst happens first as its the ynnaris players turn so his immediate effect rule is resolved first

The issues we had were all related to whether the swarmlord is still on the battlefield or not during the soulburst. If the soulbursting unit chooses to fight again, does the pile in and consolidate go towards the swarmlord? Is the swarmlord assumed to be removed, but then replaced in his same position for his attacks? Can the ynarri unit move into the spot the swarmlord was occupying?

As i said, we didn't really have a good understanding, but in the end i decided not to use the death frenzy strat on swarmlord and to just save the cp.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

No your Ynnari doesnt occupied his space, he is getting another phase before he is removed, so he is still on the table.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Read the tyranid strat all the way.

It immediately shoots or fights as per the phase before it is removed

The Ynnari don't get a chance to do anything if he activates the stratagem.

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Ragin' Ork Dreadnought

 Eihnlazer wrote:
Read the tyranid strat all the way.

It immediately shoots or fights as per the phase before it is removed

The Ynnari don't get a chance to do anything if he activates the stratagem.

They do because of the rules on sequencing, but he's still there bodyblocking them while they do it.

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Angelic Adepta Sororitas

Tacoma, WA, USA

Page 76 – Strength from Death
Change the last sentence of the first paragraph to read: ‘That unit can immediately do one of the following, even if it has already done so in this turn (if the unit was destroyed as the result of a unit’s action – e.g. making a shooting attack or fighting – the Soulburst action is resolved after the unit has completely resolved its current action, e.g. after it has completed all of its shooting attacks or after it has finished fighting, including making any consolidation moves):’

Strength from Death doesn't happen until after the entire Fight sequence is completed. Per the wording noted above, the Tyranid Stratagem happens before the model is removed from the board, which would happen before the Consolidation step of the Fight sequence. It therefore happens before the ynnari unit can act on Strength from Death.

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It seems that Strength from Death actually gives priority to other abilities that the enemy have to resolve if used.

in this case, the swarmlords stratagem would go first even though the enemy has priority due to the sequence of play because it's rule states to activate soul burst after all other enemy actions have been done.

What a very weird turn of events
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