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Bray'arth Ashmantle at what point level is he worth it?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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I've been skeptical of when to use him because of his price point.

For example I had a 100 PL game and decided to try him to see if he can pull his weight. In this game he most definately did pull his weight against Blood Angels. He slaughtered a 3 man aggressor squad, a 5 man terminator squad with overwatch fire, 4 man terminator squad, did 15 wounds from his dreadfire flamers against a redemptor dreadnought killing it,then finishing his warlord off.

I don't often play at that point level mostly at 50 which I am very hesitant to use him at. So what are your opinions on how many points should the game be before using him? Also do you think his points are to much, to little or roughly about right?
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At 400 points, he's a lot to pay for a very slow moving melee unit with only 4 attacks. He also offers nothing in the way of supportive functions to his army. He'll be very hard to kill, but he's a paperweight who'll never actually justify his value against an opponent who decides to just walk around him.
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