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Made in gb
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Hi guys,

So I've decided to start a ministorum army after years of liking the idea but not wanting to commit. I was doing heresy white scars but enthusiasm died so this will be taking over.

Ive been playing 40k for about 13 years give or take and I already have Tau, Eldar, Imperial guard with various imperial agents support, and 30k Mechanicum. Ive wanted to post up my armies and do a blog for a long time but lack of a decent camera and time constraints have always stopped me but this time I'd like to do it, and try and get some battle reports done aswell.

Not sure how large the army is going to get yet but we'll see how it goes. The general theme is to have a horde of milita raised by the local church to sweet away the mutant/alien/heretic/guys who looked the priests funny with support from the sisters, marines, and admech. A true imperial mix of everything weird and wonderful. More inspired by fluff and art than WAAC and optimisation.

So for a start we have the models that are already done:

The cannoness, from a branch of the order of our martyred lady:

The confessor. Affectionately known as the hate pope

And the missionary

The three currently leading some of the faithful from my steel legion

Thats all thats done for now. Next is a unit of arco flagellents, a penitent psyker, and a hospitallier.

Battle sister squad 1 arrived today aswell...

Cheers for looking!

The first battle I've taken photos of so far was 2000pts vs death korps of krieg, playing the recon mission from chapter approved with hammer and anvil deploymennt.

Not everything's painted. The DKK are normally all painted but he's gone for a mech army recently as opposed to his fully painted infantry based force so there's some bare plsatic/resin. Some of my mechanicus is only based coated aswell..

Ended up losing quite badly on objectives, and the cannoness took a mecharius vulcan volley straight to the face after charging a ridemaster who's refractor field saved him from the blade of admonition and promptly fled

My Army:

cannoness 45
power sword 4
blade of admonition

priest 35
power maul 4

priest 35
autogun 0
chainsword 0

6 arco flagellants 90

battallion: valhallan regiment (valhallan conscripts to represent milita/PDF armed by the church and zealous AF as opposed to trained soldiers)
primaris psyker 38
force stave 8

primaris psyker 38
force stave 8
Mental Fortitude

commissar yarrick 130

26 coonscripts 104

26 conscripts 104

27 conscripts 108

techpriest enginseer 35
servo arm 12

techpriest enginseer 35
servo arm 12

onagar dunecrawler 90
neutron laser 45
2 stubbers 16

onagar dunecrawler 90
neutron laser 45
2 stubbers 16

3 kataphron breachers (thallax) 90
arc rifles 18
arc claws 12

2 kastellon robots (domitars) 130
heavy phospher blasters 30
fists 70

cybernetica datasmith (techpriest dominus) 22
power fist 12
gamma pistol 10

lord of war
knight paladin 320
chainsword 30
2 stubbers 8
rapid fire battle cannon 100

8 command points
cannonness warlord

The death korps:

Not sure his exact army list, but it was roughly:
Karis Venner

Field marshal

x2 Infantry squads (mightve been 3)

Grenadier squad

10 man engineer squad with mole launcher

2 leman russ conquerers with lascannon/plasma

Mecharius vulcan

3 storm chimeras


Death rider command squard

2 death rider squads

The battlefield:

I intended to do a full battle report but the pictures got jumbled up so its a bit a mess :(

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