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Made in us
Mutating Changebringer

New Hampshire, USA

Just wondering what people think about this list I'll be using this evening. It's made up from a very old collection of models that predate plastic dreadnoughts. I had very limited options and this is the best I could come up with.

Spearhead Detachment

Chaos Lord
-Power Maul

8 Havocs
-4 Lascannons

8 Havocs
-4 Missile Launchers

8 Havocs
-4 Plasmaguns

3 Obliterators

Chaos Predator
-Predator Auto-Cannon
-Lascannon Sponsons


Not sure if I should take the Black Mace on the lord or the Fleshmetal Exoskeleton.

Think I'll get roflstomped or maybe some opponents might roll their eyes?

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Khorne Daemons 4000+pts
Made in us
Dangerous Leadbelcher

Iron Within

You go to war with the army you have. You have very shooty IW. I’d MoS everything except the tank so you can use cacophony where you need to. Lord will hang out near the Plasma and provide 1 rerolls, and bail them out should they get into combat. I’d take the mace to support the latter function.
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