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Fresh-Faced New User

Greetings all.
So as the title suggests I’ve got a 2000 point tournament coming up and I fancy using my guard, the current working list is as follows:

Astra Militarum Brigade:
3x company commanders (ones the warlord with grand strategist trait and the laurels of command/Kurovs Aquila)

Command squad with lascannon, plasma gun and standard

3x platoon commanders


5 ratlings

4x infantry squads with plasma

2x infantry squads with plasma and missile launcher

3x 5 man rough rider squads with double plasma

3x heavy support with three lascannons each

4x chimeras with double heavy bolters

Astra Militarum Supreme Command Detachment
Lord commissar

2x primaris psykers with psychic barrier and nightshroud

Knight Paladin

The regiment is Armageddon steel legion meaning my rapid fire range is 18” (except on the rough riders as it’s infantry only), that’s also the reason the chimeras are there as though they got nerfed it’s fluffy and gives me a way of moving to objectives quickly.

So the plan would be a gunline of heavy weapons teams, ratlings and two infantry squads while the other four squads mount up in chimeras with some officers/commissars/psykers and follow the Knight to go for objectives.
To try and stop my guys running away I’ll use the tag team of the regimental standard +1 leadership to nearby units to buff commisars, then units near the commissars can use the commissars buffed leadership.
Meanwhile the rough riders harass and distract, outflanking if need be and if survive long enough could even charge someone. As usual the tournament is a mix of games so I need to keep my options open.

I’d really like a Brigade for the 9 command points, hell if I had enough models I’d double brigade+supreme command this and laugh with glee at my 24 command points. The current list is battleforged so grants me 13 overall.
Rough riders are the cheapest fast attack and have the ‘regiment’ keyword so don’t mess up the regimental trait (even though they can’t use it) and shifting the Knight to the command detachment avoids the same problem.
I have the option of blood angels or white scars as allies as well as having one of each assassin, however the ‘best faction’ part of the tournament requires 1500 of my 2000 points to be spent on the guard and marines struggle with only 500 to spend.
I have very little steel legion left that aren’t already in the list although I do have five russ which could fit in after a major shuffle.

Any help would be grand!

'Another day nearer the battle
So drink up, lads and look brave.
For another day nearer the battle
Is another day nearer the grave.' 
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Longtime Dakkanaut

One thing to note, is you're plan of using the standard and commissars won't work. This is because the standard only affects <regiment> units so it'll be different to the commissars.
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