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Hungry Little Ripper

would like tips and recommendations for next model to buy etc...
so i have a nids army with the old one eyes as only hq i have 40 termagants and 40 hormagaunts of those ten terms have spine fist and ten have devourers i wanted variety i then have 10 gargoyles five ripper swarms and then 8 gene stealers two with flesh hooks and two with acid maw and two with the ygpmarl tentacles but still iffy on the rules for using that i then have one brood lord and a trygon prime which I'm debating giving a non crown or miasma cannon and possibly giving my brood lord maw claws if i can I've heard some say you can others you can't anyways I'm hoping to get a tyrant for swarm lord and another for a flyrant and after that i would like recommendations also which models should i give toxin sacs and adrenal glands the price on those adds up so don't know if they are worth it?
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