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Made in us
Loyal Necron Lychguard

South Dakota

3 Sub-assembled Battlewagons with Deffrolla and accessory sprue, not primed
15 nicely painted plastic deffkoptas
15 Nicely painted Nova
50 nicely painted and converted Gretchen
12 shoota boys
23 misc boys

Lord of the Rings LCG by Fantasy Flight
2 Core Sets
Khazad-dum Deluxe Expansion
Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle of Packs
Dwarrodelft Cycle of Packs (some unopened)
Both Hobbit Saga Expansions (Over Hill and Under Hill, as well as On the Doorstep)
All opened cards are sleeved, and all rulebooks and tokens present

AoS Death GW models only
Spirits Hosts
Skeleton Warriors
Tomb Banshee
Cairn Wraith

Sisters of Battle GW models only
Seraphim with flamers
Seraphim with Power Sword
Sisters with Heavy Flamer
Sisters with Heavy Bolter
Sisters with Storm Bolter
Sister Hospitalier
Exorcist (Metal, not Forgeworld)
Sisters of Battle Rhino Doors

Necrons GW Models only
Plastic Wraiths
Tomb Blades
Heavy Destroyers
Metal Shard of the Deceiver

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