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Good morning ladies and gents,

I would just like a little input and advice if you could oblige.

Firstly some background so you know what direction i will be approaching this from. I have played 40k for some time now. Started originally in 3rd and after a 8/9 year hiatus I came back to the game and found real joy in 7th (mechanics, not so much with formations). Since the move to 8th I have lost a lot of the pleasure in playing with the removal of a lot of the tactical aspects of the game (ie. making use of cover and flanking vehicles etc). Don't get me wrong I know 7th isn't perfect but the removal of a lot of the more "complicated" parts of the game has shattered the immersion of the game for me and I have ended up stopping playing 8th at all. I made a move over into AOS and actually enjoy the game as the rules mechanics seem to work in that fantasy/predominantly hand to hand combat dominated game. As a result I have been eyeing up 30k quite a lot recently.

Since I started playing 40k when I was about 9 I have always played Ultramarines and despite a number of side projects and smaller armies being built I have really come to identify with their characters and their feel. As a result I would like to build a Heresy era Ultras force.

The input I need is on the rules and styles of play associated with the army before I start to make any serious outlay (I am likely to be including a large number of forgeworld shoulder pads/helms/breast plates etc even before we get to FW tanks and exclusive units if my 40k Ultras are anything to go by). so...

1. I am very familiar with the 7th edition mechanics but have heard references to rites of war and choosing one for your army and am not sure what these are. Are they similar to chapter tactics?

2. If so does each Legion get a list of a few to pick from or are they the same for all the Legions and what exactly are they like? (as in can I have some examples)

3. What other mechanics are there if any on top of these that provide a fluffy feel to your army? (I have always tried to build fluffy armies).

I would just like some of this general information ahead of having to go out and buy a new rulebook (I've been lead to believe there are some adjustments to the 40k 7th rules and some things removed) and other books.

4. On the topic of books. What other books on top of the rules will i need (and what is gained from these books? as I believe they don't follow the normal rule book/codex/suppliment format)?

Additionally... I already have 20 Mk4 marines I got off a friend cheap when he sold a load of his marines and if I do start 30k I will likely pick up the Calth box as a starting point but I am a bit stumped as to where I would go with it next. I have been looking at FW and love the look of the Invictarus Suzerain and the Ultramarines Legion Breachers but how useful are these and is there something else I am better off getting early on instead? I am not so concerned with how powerful things are although I would like my army to make a good account of itself onthe battlefield but I tend to play my 40k marines with plenty of sheilds and swords/axes/hammers with my preferred delivery method being Land Raiders supported by fire from full strength tactical squads and dreadnoughts as this style of war is how I see a Graeco-Roman-esk warfare translating into 40k/30k settings. All suggestions welcome on this topic.

Your help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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1. Every Legion has it's own special rules (and units). Rites of War are like Formations in that they're a way of choosing your army - specifying what units can & cannot be taken, and providing special rules.

2. There are generic ones, and Legion specific ones. Generic ones include Orbital Assault (Drop Pod Assault) and Pride of the Legion (Veterans as Troops).

3. Taking a Legion specific Rite of War and Legion units tends to give you a fluffy force.

4. The Red Books - currently the Age of Darkness Rulebook, Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List (generic Marine lists) and Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Legions (Legion specific stuff).

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Jovial Plaguebearer of Nurgle


Hey man! Welcome to The Horus Heresy, the best game about!

1 - Rites of war are almost like formations, they give your army a few rules perks but restrict what you can take. They're mainly to represent the character of the different legions, World Eaters get Berserker Assault, Dark Angels Ironwing etc. The rite of war is essentially a template over your regular force org.

2. Each legion generally gets 2 specific rites of war, and there is a long list of generic ones you can use. A example is Berserker Assault where I have to take 3 compulsory troops, can't have more then one consul, can't have more models with Vehicle (Tank) type and no immobile models. In return I get Hatred when not in my deployment Zone, re-rolls run results of 1 and pinning checks all the time,

3. Some characters are restricted to loyal or traitor armies and some legions are completely traitor or loyal (word bearers are traitors for example). Some rules like the World Eaters Blood Madness / Blood rage give you a different rule depending on what time period you want to represent your legion.

4. Really there is 3 books you will want.

Age of Darkness - Rulebook. A really good book compiling all the HH rules and 7th ed wit ha few changes like multi-bombing and Invisibility being changed

Legion Astartes : Age of Darkness Legions. Has all the legion specific things

Legion Astartes : Age of Darkness Army list. Has all the generic marine stuff we all draw from.

There's a few things you can't go wrong with in Horus Heresy. The first thing you want is a core of Tactical Marines, Some rhinos and probably some support squads / heavy weapons squads.

From then on the HH world if your oyster and you can shape your force how you want.

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30k uses a different organisation to 7ed, primarily, there are no set formations.
The most commonly used force organsiation is the Age of Darkness Force Org Table.
This is very similar to the old Combined Arms chart with some modifications.

1. Rites of war modify the Age of Darkness force organisation. A particular RoW will demand you take certain units, transports, or more compulsory troops etc.
In exchange, you get some benefits like 'terminators / predators / veterans are troops' etc.
You will also gain some special rules associated with that RoW.

The Legiones Astartes <your legion> special rule is analagous to Chapter Tactics. This gives the legion thier flavour and style.

2. There is a list of standard Rites of War in the Legiones Astartes book. These are the methods that every legion would have access to.
There are also legion-specific Rites that show how certain legions would do things differently.

3. First and foremost, every legion had access to everything.
Alpha Legion artillery companies and iron warriors jetbike companies are all things those legions would have possessed.

Beyond the grenade change and the invisibility change I don't think there is any reason to replace a 7ed rulebook for the AoD rulebook.
Just make sure these changes are kept consistent.

4. You need these:
One has the generic legion units in, the other has the legion specific units, characters and rules in.

Land Raiders are an acceptable delivery method for most units. They can even be taken as dedicated transports in certain Rites of War.

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One reason to get the new rulebook is also all the FAQ's incorporated into it. Especially handy as those FAQ's aren't easiest to find around in a hurry

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Welcome to 30k I really hope you enjoy it!!

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1. The basic way of building an army is with a single FOC called the 'Age of Darkness FOC'. This is an old Primary Detachment with options for a Fortification, a Lord of War and a single Ally detachment. That's it. No Decurions, no Formations, no unlimited little detachments. Just that one FOC. Rites of War are ways of 'theming' the FOC, for example allowing Jetbikes as Troops but limiting you in other ways. Only Astartes armies get access to them and they need a character with the Master of the Legion rule to take one.

2. There's a list of generic Rites which anyone can take, and then each Legion has two special ones. For example, Orbital Assault allows you take Drop Pods (which aren't usually allowed) but forces every unit in the detachment to deploy via Drop Pod or Deep Strike. Fury of the Ancients allows Dreadnoughts as Troops, but requires a Forge Lord, Primus Medicae and a third Master of the Legion character to be present, eating up all your HQ slots. The Word Bearers' Dark Brethren rite allows you to take Daemon allies but limits your Heavy Support choices. Etc etc...

3. Each Legion has a set of 'Legion Traits', plus specialist units, wargear and characters. The traits are a little like chapter tactics in 7ed, but go a lot further - each legion usually has three different traits and they may affect how you build your army. A lot of 40k equipment is still in it's testing stage and only available to specific Legions.

4. You'll need a 7ed rulebook (either the old one or the new Heresy one). If you play as Astartes, you'll need the Legiones Astartes Army List, and the book that contains the rules for your Legion (Age of Darkness Legions for everyone except SW and TS, who are in Book 6). If you want to play Mechanicum, you just need the Mechanicum Army List. If you want to play Solar Auxilia, Knights or Militia, you need the Crusade Imperialis Army List.

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