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Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

Still haven't found a list that feels good. Looking to try mob up on 2 bigger kommandos units for a "double jump" style turn 1. Moving away from 6 max units of boyz because they take so long to set up.
Anyway here is what I am thinking :

ghaz 215
bike mek, kff 75
30 slugga boyz, including klaw nob 193x3
30 shoota boyz, including big choppa nob 187
painboy, killsaw, grot orderly 59

Weirdboy 62x2
2 kmk 84x3

Weirdboy 62
15 kommandos, including 2 burnas and big choppa nob 142
10 kommandos, including 2 burnas and big choppa nob 97
5 kommandos, including 2 burnas and choppa nob 45x2

This puts me at 1882 points and 8 CP. The shoota squad is only there because my fourth sluggas unit had to be used for the kommando boyz. I have 120 sluggas and 70 shootas. I also don't know how many kmk are worth running.

Weirdboys running some combo of warpath and da jump. I included klaws on some nobz to give options vs vehicles (namely wave serpents that drive up to my face and dump wraithguard the turn after).

Thoughts appreciated

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