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Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User


Catacomb Command Barge
-Staff of light
-tesla cannon
-Veil of darkness
Warlord: Enduring will
Pt. 169


Immortals x10
Gauss Blasters ( most of the league is Meq )

Pt: 180


Canoptek Tomb Stalker
-Gloom prism

Triach Praetoriansx5
Rod of the Covenant

Fast Attack

Canoptek Scarabsx5
Canoptek Scarabsx5

Point Total:994

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Made in us
Numberless Necron Warrior

Washington, DC

What are your plans to deal with armor? The Tomb Stalker is inferior to the Tomb Sentinel in that regard. Scarabs might be able to tarpit. Praetorians?

In progress 
Made in nl
Regular Dakkanaut

I fear your list lacks killing power. It really only has the Immortals that do any decent shooting. Once those are gone or locked in combat, it's kinda over.

No need for that many scarabs I'd say. Nothing important to bubble wrap and at a total of 1000 points you won't get anything too serious deepstruck against you.

I'd definetly pump the number of warriors or Immortals up.

Here's my recommended list:

HQ: Illuminor Szeras (Warlord, warlord trait: +1 LD 6")

Overlord /w Void Blade (relic: Veil of Darkness)

15x Warriors
14x Warriors

10x immortals /w Telsa Carbines


C'tan shard of the Nightbringer.

There. Everything in this list is dangerous. The Immortals /w MWBD, the Warriors upgraded by Szeras and of course the C'tan shard.

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