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Made in ca
Imperial Recruit in Training

Possibly looking to move my DA army for AM catachans or whatever else might be out there. AOS chaos dwarves might interest me as well


1x azreal painted
1x azreal primed
1x ezeikel painted
1x librarian
1x term Champlain
1x apothecary
1 x techmarine
10 man scout squad(4 snipers,1heavy Bolter, 4 bolt pistol/chainsword,sergeant)
3x 10 man tactical squad (plasma gun,flamer,heavy Bolter, rocket launcher, 2 sergeant w plasma pistol/chainsword, 1 sergeant bp/power sword)
1x devestator squad (las Cannon,heavy melta, heavy Bolter, plasma cannon)
2 x 5 man deathwing assault squad ( assault cannon, 2x chainfist, 2x power fist, sergeant with power sword/ stormbolter)
1x 5 man deathwing knights
1x rhino (storm Bolter)
1x 5 man jumppack assault squad (seargent w/ power sword/plasma pistol, 3x bp/chainsword, plasma pistol chainsword)
1x ravenwing command squad/black knights (n.i.b)

1x imperial knight paladin (painted)

I’ll send pictures as needed. This should be enough to get anyone started on a well rounded DA list post codex release.

Larpin ain't ez 
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