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Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

Hi all,

You may not have come across my Plog before, so I thought whilst I'm updating it with a Battle Report I could pull it out for you guys to see here, rather than wade through the progression pages!

Here goes!

Next battle report for you! 2k GT tournament practice.

I replayed my first opponent, the Tzaangor army I mentioned previously. This time the game match was Knife to the Heart instead of Starstrike.

I got my ass kicked from like 28 VP - 0 last time. With a few lessons learnt and tweaks things went differently:

My deployment. 9" away from enemy deployment zone. 18" gap. That means I'm safe surely!

Enemy deployment. Yes that's 90 Tzaangor!

Tzaangor get first turn and advance across the line. Apart from the third unit in the rear.

Whats this? Oh that's a 4 on their advance and move roll. Whilst still needing a 9/10 to make it in for a charge. Two destiny dice later and both units are in my face turn 1.

The paladin protectors take a solid beating. Losing all but two, and subsequently running. My flanking liberators also take losses. That hurt!

The tide starts to turn with the Hammerstrike Battalion coming down. My Retributors hit hard and fast, whilst my Decimators are caught before they can swing and lose a few. My Longstrikes and prosecutors take out the supporting Gaunt Summoner and shaman. That reduces the Gors ability to wound now on 4+ from 3's.

The thinning out of the horde continues.

Starkly reminded of the third unit yet to come!

My opponent wins the second priority turn and advances his third unit. There's not enough destiny dice to make their charge this time around though! They are left out in the open.

At this stage I mop up the remaining Gors, and we move into turn three. I looked to achieve a Major Victory, but even with the Lightning Storm pray going off I cant get close enough to contest his objective.

As such I go for the Minor Victory (Kill points). In the end there was a solid difference of 300 points in my favour which would easily turn to 700 after taking out the handful of Gors left in the third unit.

We ended the game there as a Minor to me!

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