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Made in us
Madrak Ironhide

Jay Larsen posted a shot of the working rules for a Crucible Guard warjack.
[Thumb - 27750919_10159877965290612_6388510550072168586_n.jpg]

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"...he could never understand the sense of a contest in which the two adversaries agreed upon the rules." Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude 
Made in us
Madrak Ironhide

From a document in the Crucible Guard facebook group:

What We Know about the Crucible Guard
In an effort to consolidate what is known about the Crucible Guard (and the Order of the Golden Crucible, in general), I’ll make this document. The Admins can pin it if they like, of course. Much of this is copy-and-pasted from elsewhere.

From Kings, nations, & Gods RPG book:
“ The Crucible Guard
For centuries, the Crucible Guard has served as the OGC’s private security force. Members of the guard protect important Crucible facilities and personnel, routinely act as escorts for Crucible inspectors and tithe collectors, and defend important shipments abroad. Before Leryn fell to the Khadorans, the Crucible Guard protected Thunderhead Fortress and other important city facilities, including government buildings, bridges, and public gatherings. The guard disbanded after the Llaelese War, and most of its members dispersed. The Golden Crucible has recently reestablished and expanded the Crucible Guard. Those chosen to join the ranks of the guard are peerless soldiers armed with cutting edge arms and armor provided by the OGC’s workshops. While the Crucible Guard is dedicated to protecting Crucible property and personnel, there has been talk of expanding their responsibilities to include covert operations against rogue chapters and alchemists, as well as those who persist in unauthorized use of the order’s seal.”
Crucible Guard Armor:
This is the heavy armor of the Crucible Guard, a suit of all-encompassing plate armor alchemically treated to resist the effects of acids and other alchemical agents.
Crucible Arms Model 603:
Description: Known affectionately as the “Thunderer,” the Crucible Arms Model 603 is a heavy carbine produced by the weaponsmiths of the Golden Crucible. The 603 was designedto fire an array of metal-cased Crucible rounds, specialty alchemical ammunition that can carry a variety of effects. Though most 603s can be found in the hands of the Crucible Guard, the weapon has also become immensely popular with some mercenary companies.
It fires Crucible Rounds which include: Standard, Blazers, Rust, and Explosive.

Crucible Guard (Soldier Career option). May pair with Artillerist, Field Mechanik, Horseman, Investigator, Man-at-Arms, Military Officer, Rifleman, or Warcaster careers. Seemed to focus on rifles and grenades with heavy armor with Immunity to Corrosion.

Summary of the Order of the Golden Crucible:
The Order of the Golden Crucible (of which the Crucible Guard is the military) was a Llaelese organization that invented Blasting Powder and held a monopoly of it for centuries before a group defected to Khador to form the Greylords. They have chapterhouses throughout Llael, Ord and Cygnar. After the invasion of Llael the OotGC scattered with each chapter operating independently until finally consolidating in the Ordic city of Midfast. They gained many concessions from King Baird of Ord to facilitate this decision.

[SPOILERS for Acts of War II: Aftershock]
In the latest novel, they have planted seeds for the Crucible Guard faction. The heroes save two married members of the OotGC from Khador. After aiding the Llaelese Resistance for years, the leader of the GC, Lukas di Morray, and his high-ranking wife, Alyce developed a serum to give regular people “Warcaster like power.” However, it killed all subjects except themselves. Khador got the formula, but Lukas is confident that it will not work (we’ll see). The Resistance and Cygnar are trying to get Ord into the war against Khador and Alyce offers to help since she is a distant relative of the King of Ord. Stryker offers to give Ord advanced technology including “the highest grade warjack cortexes.”

What we see of the couple’s power set is that Lukas wears a suit with drug injectors on the back, casts ice spells and has a flaming sword. She turns into Mrs. Hyde and goes berserk.
Crucible Guard will have access to Oil for boosted Fire damage rolls.
Marshal Baldwin & Mr. Clogg (PP nickname Boom boom?)
Salvestro (PP nickname Super Gorman?)
Aurum Legate Lukas di Morray (based on Aftershock) (PP nickname Juice it up?)
Warcaster Rumble Rumble (assumed to be female)
Warcaster End of Aliens (assumed to be female)
Toro (heavy warjack)
Suppressor (Toro chassis)
Vindicator (Toro chassis) Anti-Jack/Undead poison gun think POW 14
Vanguard (merc light with Maker’s Mark
Light #2 (possibly the Duelist)
Light #3
Mystery Jack (lesser or Colossal)
Rocket Men
Rocket men Officer (based on WMW artwork)
Combat Alchemists (FA 3) (3 man support unit)
Dragon's Breath Rocket (FA 2) (Artillery Support)
Storm Troopers (Medium based Warrior Model)
Prospero (Character Solo)
Alyce Marc(k)? (Character Solo)

Tanks #1&3 from cover photo (Railess Interceptor)?
Tank #2 from cover photo
Alyce di Morray (
Prospero (Character Solo)
Supposedly more models than Grymkin release
Gorman di Wulfe will get Partisan [GC], even though he left the OotGC. Hutchuk’s story may make his working for the faction (or even Partisan) more or less likely. Hutchuk was born in Rhul but “given” to the OotGC in Llael. He was ignored and discounted until he left during the invasion. He watched the alchemists of the Order so he knew about alchemy and took that to become a bounty hunter.
Hutchuk at least available confirmed [Crippled System 2/4]

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"...he could never understand the sense of a contest in which the two adversaries agreed upon the rules." Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude 
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