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Made in us
Preacher of the Emperor

Denver, CO, USA

I'm a huge fan on Inquisition fluff-- Dan Abnett's books are the best in the Black Library IMO-- so it guts me that Inquisition is so nigh unplayable in 8th, at least with only the index iteration so far. But I really want an Inquisition force, and I've been painting up classic Kasrkin as Militarum Tempestus Scions as an adjunct to my main Sisters of Battle army. My group sometimes plays 1000-point weeknight pickup games between our monthly 2k games, so here's a plan for my Inquisition-themed Stormtrooper force.

Astra Militarum / Militarum Tempestus / Inquisition - 996 Points, 55 PL, 8CP

Militarum Tempestus Battalion - 388 - 3 CP

Tempestor Prime, Command Rod, Laurels of Command - 45
Tempestor Prime, Command Rod, Kurov's Aquila - 45
Plasma Scions, 2 plasma, plasma pistol (5) - 78
Plasma Scions, 2 plasma, plasma pistol (5) - 78
Plasma Scions, 2 plasma, plasma pistol (5) - 78
Volley Scion Command, 4 volley guns (4) - 64

Inquisition Supreme Command - 203, 1 CP

Greyfax (Warlord) - 85
Inquisitor, power maul - 59
Inquisitor, power maul - 59

Astra Militarum Vanguard - 405 - 1 CP

Primaris Psyker, stave - 46
Culexus Assassin - 85
Ministorum Priest, power maul - 39
Bullgryns, maul & slabshield (3) - 126
Chimera, heavy flamer, heavy flamer - 109

Tactically, the Bullgryns, Priest, Psyker, and an Inquisitor roll forward in the Chimera, Greyfax and the other Inquisitor hold back with the Volley Scions and a Prime, the plasma Scions drop with the second Prime, and the Culexus does his thing. I have no experience with the Psychic phase (being a Sisters player), so powers and tactics advice in that area is most welcome.

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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Seems like you're mixing 50% competitive composition (with the Tempestus) and 50% fluffy. Some thoughts in no particular order:

1. The current inquisitors aren't great in melee at all. I would consider just taking Greyfax to lead and popping that 59*2 points elsewhere. If you want to melee w. an Inq, maybe one of the Malleus ones in Termie armor?

2. Bullgryns are fun, but if you're taking a chimera + Priest combo, Arcoflaggellants are a freaking _lawnmower_. They aren't tough like Bullgryns, but 9 of them is 135 points and next to nothing that comes in a 1000 point list will be expecting the punishment they can dish out.

On charge:
3 Bullgryns + Priest = 15 Str 7, -1AP 2 Damage strikes
9 Arcos + Priest = 27D3 Str 5 1 Damage strikes that re-roll failed rolls to hit

Unless you're charging a T7 tank, the arcos vastly outperform against anything, and are a bit more fluffy for an Inquisitor to be running with

3. On the other hand, there is a _hilarious_ Bullgryn combo you can use, that's _dirt_ cheap and Hilarious. 2 Ogryn Bodyguards, both with Slab Shields. One takes the Dagger of Tu'sakh relic, the other takes Death Mask of Ollanius. They can Deep strike with some of your Scions and be a preposterous pain in the ass :-)

4. Daemonhosts aren't suuuuper cost efficient, but they're run as hell, and if you roll well on their weird chart, can actually cause significant damage, cap objectives, and generally mess with the opponent. I always run 3 when I play with my Inquisition stuff.

Hope ya have fun!
Made in us
Preacher of the Emperor

Denver, CO, USA

Yep, you've identified my main goal as far as competitive/fun.

I have some cool models I want to use (multiple Inquisitors), finish assembling (an old Chimera), buy (the new Bullgryns), and some that I already have (the Scions Battalion I've been running alongside my Sisters).

I want to build a little side army. This will be some fun modeling and very cool fluff. I think the Bullgryn combo will at least not totally stink (but I'll have to consider ArcoFlagellants too). As a nasty punch, I have an idea for a 1000 point Sisters Outrider with Celestine that would turn the Bullgryns into a very tough nut to crack.

I love the Bodyguard stunt. I can probably run it with the same basic Bullgryns, I think. Very cool ideas.


Made in us
Preacher of the Emperor

Denver, CO, USA

Another modification to the original, coming closer to the target points value. This time I've juggled the Scions around a bit to create a plasma drop group and a backfield volley gun group. I also added an assassin in place of a psyker as the third elite choice in the Vanguard... have I done this right? I think I can make it an Imperium-keyword Vanguard since there's nobody in it who'd be missing out on regimental doctrines or anything, right? They're still battle-forged, just not drawn from a single codex. Somebody please let me know if that's legit...

Thanks for all the continued help! I could still use some guidance on how to conduct this force in the psychic phase.

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