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Made in be
Tough-as-Nails Ork Boy



I'm from belgium and i started 40k in summer 2016
I have now 2050 pts space marines (imperials fist... that i often plays with salamanders rules... our fists rules are realy bad), 1000 pts of Orks
And i'have started Star Wars Armada and Firestorm Armada (Soryllian Collective)
I always plays painted models and wysiwyg, I love to paint and I’m really slow with that (3 infantry figs a month +-)

I'm here to futher advance my tactics with the super advices we can find here

Imperials fists 2060 Orks 1100
Firestorm and Star Wars Armada 
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Looking for the Rest of the II Legion

Welcome to Dakka!

"My friend, you would not tell with such high zest, to children ardent for some desperate glory the old lie, Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori."
Grey Knights ~ 3500, Fully Painted =][= Space Wolves ~ 4000, Fully Painted =][= Prosperine Exiles ~ WIP =][= Altian Wraiths ~ WIP
Made in nz
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Auckland New Zealand


Welcome to Dakka

IceAngel wrote:I must say Knightley, I am very envious of your squiggle ability. I mean, if squiggles were a tactical squad, you'd be the sergeant. If squiggles were an HQ, you'd be the special character. If squiggles were a way of life, you'd be Doctor Phil...
The Cleanest Painting blog ever!
Gitsplitta wrote:I am but a pretender... you are... the father of all squiggles. .
Made in be
Tough-as-Nails Ork Boy


Thank you

Imperials fists 2060 Orks 1100
Firestorm and Star Wars Armada 
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