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Madrak Ironhide

Crucible Guard CID Update #2 (3/13)
Today, 07:54 AM
Hello everyone,

After reviewing the massive amount of feedback and battle reports from week 1 of this CID cycle, the following updates have been made.

Aurum Legate Lukas di Morray: The language regarding Lukas' Juicer ability has been cleaned up for ease of understanding the mechanic. Additionally the self inflicted damage from his feat can no longer be reduced.

Text of Juicer changed:

Juicer - At the start of each of your Control Phases, you can choose to use Juicer. If you do, this model gains +3 FOCUS one round. Reduce this bonus by 1 for each juice box currently marked. Then mark one juice box on this model’s card.

Add the following to Overdose: This model cannot spend focus points to reduce this damage.

Aurum Adeptus Syvestro: Given his ability to cast a free spell each turn, we found the combo of a free Purification followed by recasting Transmutation for 2 to be a bit too strong, and have appropriately recosted the Transmutation Spell.

Transmutation COST 3.

Aurum Lucanum Athanor Locke: Locke received an update to her feat that will prevent mirror match infinite spell casting loops, and also have her Field Marshal toned to only affect melee attacks as previously the ranged capable version of Field Marshal was proving to be too powerful.

Change Field Marshal to Precision Strike: Field Marshal [Precision Strike] - When a warjack in this model’s battlegroup damages a warjack or warbeast with a melee attack, choose which column or branch suffers the damage.

Feat changed to: Arcanodynamic Catalysis
Enemy upkeep spells and animi in Locke’s control range immediately expire. When an enemy model is casts a spell during its activation while in Locke’s’ control range, after the spell is resolved Locke gains one focus point and can immediately cast one spell without spending focus. Locke can boost attack and damage rolls on spells cast as a result of Arcanodynamic Catalysis. Arcanodynamic Catalysis lasts for one round.

Liberator: To further encourage the use of the alchemical arc node found in this light jack, and also to improve its overall value and unique role in the warjack options, we gave the Liberator True Sight.

Gain True Sight:

True Sight - This model ignores cloud effects when determining LOS. This model also ignores Stealth XICONX.

Crucible Guard Assault Troopers: The heavy infantry were proving to be a bit too durable for their points cost, and have lost Tough.

Cut Tough.

Crucible Guard Infantry Officer & Standard: Banners aren't THAT heavy.

Standard Bearer SPD 6.

Crucible Guard Storm Troopers: The heavy infantry were proving to be a bit too durable for their points cost, and have lost Tough.

Cut Tough.

Crucible Guard Rocketmen: A bit of language cleanup was required for all Rocketmen units and solos.

Sky Dropped language clarified: Sky Dropped - Attacks with this weapon ignore cover and elevation. Models with Flight XICONX do not suffer blast damage from this attack.

Crucible Guard Rocketmen Captain: A bit of language cleanup was required for all Rocketmen units and solos.

Sky Dropped language clarified.

Doctor Adolpheus Morely: The 'good' doctor received a point increase upon further review of his value in an army.

Cost 4.
Rocketmen Ace: A bit of language cleanup was required for all Rocketmen units and solos.

Sky Dropped language clarified.

Trancer: After assessing their value versus other solos in Faction, Trancers have received a points reduction. Additionally their Psychokinetic Blast no longer effects friendlies in order to stop additional threat range tricks.

Cost 3.

Replace the text of Psychokinetic Blast with the following: Psychokinetic Blast - When this model is disabled, center a 4˝ AOE on it. Models in the AOE suffer a POW 12 blast damage roll . Enemy models in the AOE are pushed 2˝ directly away from the this model in the order you choose. After pushes are resolved this model is removed from play.

Crucible Guard Theme Force: Prima Materia: The threat range provided by the advance move option was proving to be too powerful, and has been changed to a flat extended deployment.

Change the third benefit with the following: Your deployment is extended 2˝ forward.

Crucible Guard Theme Force: Magnum Opus: Gorman and Hutchuk have been added to the Army Comp section to avoid confusion regarding their inclusion and an additional Merc solo. Additionally, the second benefit has been clarified to indicate that free weapon crew units don't count towards triggering the benefit.

Add Gorman Di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist and Hutchuk, Ogrun Bounty Hunter to the Army Composition section.

Change the second benefit with the following: For every full 20 points of Crucible Guard units and solos in this army, you can add Crucible Guard weapon crew unit, one Crucible Guard command attachment, or Crucible Guard solo to the army free of cost. Free units, command attachments, and solos do not count toward the total point value of units and solos in the army when calculating this bonus.

Mercenary Theme Force: Llaelese Resistance: Rankings officers have been removed from the Llaelese theme to avoid unintended rules interactions.

Change the first benefit to: This army can also include up to two non-character Crucible Guard units, up to two non-character Cygnaran units, or up to two non-character Protectorate units. These units are considered to be friendly Llaelese Mercenary units instead of Crucible Guard, Cygnar, or Protectorate units and can include attachments but cannot include Ranking Officers.

Immunities: After discussing the feedback received in the Dev Talk, immunities no longer cause the attacker to roll one less damage die, but instead provide a flat +4 ARM bonus in addition to preventing continuous effects and other specific abilities.

XICONX Immunity: Cold – This model gains +4 ARM against cold damage rolls XICONX
XICONX Immunity: Corrosion – This model gains +4 ARM against corrosion damage rolls XICONX. Additionally, this model is immune to the Corrosion continuous effect XICONX
XICONX Immunity: Electricity – This model gains +4 ARM against electrical damage rolls XICONX. Additionally, when lightning arcs as a result of a special rule, ignore models with Immunity: Electricity when determining which model the lightning arcs to.
XICONX Immunity: Fire – This model gains +4 ARM against fire damage rolls XICONX. Additionally, this model is immune to the Fire continuous effect XICONX.
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