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Gibbering Horde of Chaos

Norwich, Norfolk

Hi all,

I'm a big fan of 40k and anything nerdy, and having come accross a decent part job while doing all the studenting, I've decided to blow by dinner money on plastic instead.
I played 40k as a kid (back in 4th ed) but, asside from the models I've been able to salvage, I'd consider myself fairly new to warhammer in general. 8th ed is a big leap from what I remember.

I'm a big fan of chaos, and Tzeench particularly, so on the release of the new Thousand Sons codex I decided to get involved. It's been great fun, but so far I have lost every match I've played (which is a tad disheartening).

I'm going to be posting my list up for inspection so please please please if you could head over and tell me what I'm doing wrong it will be greatly appreciated. Also, if you've got any materials on how improve at 40k etc. they will also be appreciated. (I'm having a look around the site for them as you read this )

Thanks a bunch!
Looking forward to meeting you all!

Decided to get back into 40k, ended up dragging my housemates kicking and screaming with me.

(It's an expensive nostalgia trip, that's not just about nostalgia anymore ;P) 
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Decrepit Dakkanaut

Auckland New Zealand


Welcome to Dakka

IceAngel wrote:I must say Knightley, I am very envious of your squiggle ability. I mean, if squiggles were a tactical squad, you'd be the sergeant. If squiggles were an HQ, you'd be the special character. If squiggles were a way of life, you'd be Doctor Phil...
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Gitsplitta wrote:I am but a pretender... you are... the father of all squiggles. .
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Looking for the Rest of the II Legion


"My friend, you would not tell with such high zest, to children ardent for some desperate glory the old lie, Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori."
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Fresh-Faced New User

Texas, 'Merica!


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