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The Son's of Breton! Stormcast Vs Slyvaneth (GT Practice Games)  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

Hi all,

Latest battle report in my practice games for GT.

On a major point I have realised that I've been using an outdated points cost for the Hammerstrike Battalion. So I had to trim 80 points from my list.... and had to apologise to my previous opponents :(

This time around Slyvaneth Vs Son's of Breton!

The mission is battle for the pass. On a smaller table again, but we're also only playing 1.5k a piece.

I win first turn and move up into the terrain whilst capping two objectives.

The Slyvaneth move on up.

I win priority turn 2 and jump at the opportunity to move in. Specifically trying to turn the Slyvaneth left flank and towards their home objective. Protectors/Retributors are perfectly primed!

The combat starts to unfold. At a major cringe moment my Protectors fail their 3" charge into the Tree Lord! The Retributors do solid work on the Kuranoth hunters though.

Whilst the Stardrake chucks around the Dryads like twigs... oh wait.

The Slyvaneth start to strike back! Those pesky woods!

The Treelord having avoiding the Protectors charge decides to reappear behind the LC on SD! *Queue pokemon grass music! A wild Treelord appears!

Revenants appear on my far right flank contesting the objective. So much mobility!

Things start to thin out!

It also dawns on me that I make a mistake here and charge my Protectors into the far right Kuranoth bow hunters with a unit of sisters behind them. Instead of focusing on the enemy objective and vital VPs!

The last picture I took.

I was getting closer to tabling my opponent, but I didn't have a whole lot left myself.

In the end however I had a deficit of 13 VP's. 36 to 23!

Must keep my eyes on the prize!

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