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I posted this in part over in the Mantic Forums, but there's really not much going on over there. I thought I'd post it here, as I think this website has a lot of potential, but seems rather limited at the moment. I was a really big fan of Yakface's Necromunda campaign-tracking site, and would love to see this website achieve some of that user-friendly useability

Here's the site: https://dreadball.com/

Here's my post, maybe it'll get some attention here? I think this game looks really cool!


Glad to see that the Dreadball site is up, but surprised there's no discussion here already. I've registered, but not yet entered any teams as I haven't yet played. A few questions for those who might be in the know:

Could we get more transparency on how Ranking is done, and Ranking Points are given?

Do I need to enter a team before I can log a game played? Does my opponent need to enter his team? I can guarantee he won't get around to it... So hopefully it's OK that I enter both teams (and that I shouldn't get credit, or "ranking points", for both teams); or perhaps I simply register for two coaches across two accounts, and put his team(s) into his account?

I would like to see more granularity and a lot more details on the Rankings page. It's nice to see the top coaches, and I presume that while the "top 10" (or so) will appear on the page, please also allow that the user's rank is always shown (as I'll never get anywhere near the top 10!!), and that any of his friends are also shown. I'm a data nerd (what self respecting sports fan isn't, really?), and I'd also love to see:

1. Total number of games played and logged into the site
2. Games played, and win-loss ratios by teams
3. Additional details on teams (think about things that will potentially help with future balancing!) like points scored, points scored against, injuries for, injuries against, etc
4. Details on Star Players - goals scored,
5. Allowing users to do campaigns and letting users limit all of the above details and tables to within a set of users that they designate (while still recording the data to the overall listing). The default for these campaigns/seasons should be open to all users to view; but I reckon some folks may want to make this private, so allow users to hide the results of their Seasons if they want (though again, keep the stats in the overall listings)
6. Making team details public (but can be hidden, as an option for some users), to allow players to see what other coaches are doing, what's working, and how teams evolve over campaigns

Think about the cool stats you can get for your (IRL) sports teams. I don't know about you, but I really dig reading about these sorts of things - what sort of analogies could we bring to this site?

I was a big fan of Yakface's Necromunda gang warfare campaign tracker (from maybe 5 years ago? I think that was his username...? [Edit: I'd forgotten he's an admin over here at dakkadakka, hi Yakface!]) and would love to see this site grown and become just as user friendly and informative.

What am I missing? What would you like to see?

I play...


Who am I kidding? I only paint these days... 
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